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  • A term used to essentially descrive the modern vision for Power Grids
  • Typically electricity, but can also include Power to X tech, and then the systems for that such as Hydrogen Storage , Methane Storage etc
  • It consists of a largely decentralized grid, with a few large renewable powerplants and storage sites
  • One of the most useful aspects is the widespread (to the point of multi-continent Supergrids ) distribution infastructure for allowing the "spreading out" of renewable use to reduce localized shortages due to things like weather, also economies can be based off of (non-petrolium) energy export
    • One example is exporting power from massive CSP systems in the many areas in north africa and the middle east who's economys' largely depend on non-renewable petrolium
  • Also often incudes newer practices in metering and charging for power to allow for more efficient use

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