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Social media tidbits can be used as ongoing training for collaborative development - and ongoing integration with a broad, existing community. Allowing us to link to the numerous best efforts regarding the tools used (Blender, FreeCAD, Kdenlive, etc, and then Kanban, scrum, agile, zachman framework, Business Model Canvas, etc)

Once or more times per week, we can post all the different links, emphasizing important points that give perspective and hope, and educate people. This requires a good student, someone who is familiar with collaborative development.


  1. We can pick developers for global hackathons from this group of people. Hackathons: Reward: $10B* (or whatever the potential size of that market is). * - amount of wealth distributed to the world. Hackathon Invitees
  2. We find the latest, including potential for collaboration
  3. Used in social media engagement.


These are all the different resources that can feed into social media streams.

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