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The unifying goal is mass creation of right livelihood by developing open source hardware that can be produced in a distributed way around the world in Open Source Microfactories. This is a paradigm shift in production from centralized and sweat-shop labor to high community resilience as cities produce what they use.

The requirement for OSE feeds is live and exciting content, especially focusing on open source, hardware, agile, Extreme Manufacturing, and collaboration. Large scale collaboraive process, open innovation - but not Fake Open Source and opportunistic open source - but authentic and free as in freedom. That means that it can contribute to Distributive Enterprise, not furthering the issue of poor wealth distribution. Leading to an Open Source Microfactory in every community, and the Open Source Economy as the new paradigm. That is a lot to ask for, but OSE is at the cutting edge of this effort.

First is a list. The we prioritize top 10 and top 100.

Big Picture, Philosophy, Politics, and Religion

  • JOGL
  • OSI Blog
  • Bunnie Huang's Blog
  • Top computer design software - FreeCAD news source - such as ventilator in FreeCAD - [1]
  • Open architecture organization - OpeningDesign - Yorik and crew - [2]
  • Open source software in the Valley- Conversations with Bacon
  • Eugene Kim- coined the term Collaborative Literacy - [3]
  • Scrum for Hardware - Wikispeed, Joe Justice - [4]
  • Open Source Business Development - Bold and Open - [5]
  • Open culture - Making Society
  • Circular Economy - Ellen MacArthur Foundation - for the circular economy - (Marcin presented) - [6]
  • Top open source community - One Community
  • Top Open Source Cineama - Apertus Project
  • Top Open source animation - Blender -
  • Top open source computer - Beagle Bone]]
  • Top open source circuit design - KiCad -
  • Open source parametric CAD - OpenSCAD -
  • Top open source visual programming - Scratch
  • Top open source microcontroller - Arduino -
  • Beagle Bone -
  • See OSE-Related Forums and refactor into good newsfeeds
  • P2P Foundation
  • Wevolver
  • FOR REVIEW: Top Open source environment design and education parametric modeling [7] Grasshopper Afraid not OS- General Public License [8]


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