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  • 40' gooseneck - $25k . 30k lb gross - [1]
  • 30' gooseneck - $18k . 23k gross [2]
  • 20' gooseneck - $12k - 14l lb - [3]


  • F350 Dually gets to 30k lb trailers - [4]
  • F350 singles are only up to 20k trailers. F250 diesel single wheels - go up to 20k trailers. Everything below (F250 gas or F150) go up to the 14k lb load range.
  • For OSE - 2000 lb in trusses, and 100 lb per module x48 modules. For starters, 14k lb trailers may be ok, but push the limits of heavy equipment rental.
  • There are a lot of people here who stop pulling trailers in the upper 30' range with an F150 due to the light weight of the vehicle and added sway. - [5]