Solar Panels on Every Roof

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  • This page aims to determine the impact if all of the roofs in an area were covered in Solar Panels , both by digging for existent research, and some napkin math (maybe even GIS work?)
  • Do the math for Photovoltaic Panels , Solar Thermal Panels , and Hybrid Solar Panels maybe? (PV is easiest)
  • Also do the math at different scales, street, neighborhood, county, nationwide
  • Also may want to add in to the analysis
    • Cost / Time to Breakeven (could even delve into potential incentives/programs to encourage the development of this)
    • LCA to determine environmental impact (could also get LCOE / EROI , but this isn't too relevant for this line of inquiry)
    • Impacts of Different Grid Setups (per-house Off-Grid , Semi- Decentralized Grid , as well as pricing/incentives ( Smart Grid stuff) , Supergrid (ie could the "staggering" help) )
      • Granted this can become a page in of itself!

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