Solar Village 2010

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Steps For Building a Solar Structure

Review of concept to date:

  • CEB walls
  • Straw bale infill between 2 wall cavities
  • House-integrated CEB stove
  • Thermaclear or Solexx glazing
  • Structure similar to Nicesolar.jpg but solar cover extends from green roof
  • Greenspace
  • Green roof
  • Trellis for solar shade in summer
    • Trellis is covered partly with roofing material with solar angle to allow for solar gain only in winter
    • Rest of trellis will be growing grapes
  • Composting Toilet
  • CEB floor
  • Side space covered for rooftop rainwater catchment and CEB water cistern
  • Planter in front and sides - zone 0 plantings in planter


  1. Site prep - flatten site with front loader and blade
    1. Build blade
    2. Build LifeTrac II
    3. Build sawmill
  2. Building material prep
    1. Rollers
    2. Sawmilling in July
    3. Truss preparation
    4. Test stabilized bricks
    5. Test reject lime-cement bricks
    6. Air-powered water pump

Summary: May will be heavy equipment building time, and June-July will be shakedown of all the building equipment, techniques, water system and site prep, and production of materials (lumber, brick, mortar). August 1 - house is going up.

Uniqueness summary: LifeTrac II, Sawmill, Air powered water pump, CEB stove, CEB floor, OS blade, PowerCube II, CEB-Straw Bale hybrid