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Completed LifeTrac II

Lifetrac / LifeTrac II


The LifeTrac II was a departure from the articulated steering design in LifeTrac I to a skid steer design. The tractor is powered by 2 Power Cubes and has 2 loaders - both on the front and on the rear of the tractor.

Design rational for this change involves greater lifting capacities, tighter steering in confined spaces, greater flexibility on lift height and a wider range of tool attachments. Unfortunately one of the downsides of a skid steer style tractor is that it is much harder on the ground than articulated steering tractors.

This page tries to capture the work done on the LifeTrac II for easy reference. Please go to the LifeTrac page for the latest version of the LifeTrac with more complete instructions.

Design Status

This version was prototyped with a loader arm at the front and the rear Sept 15, 2010. The design was then moved on to LifeTrac III where minimal changes occurred.

Technically the LifeTrac II is prototype 2 of 3 in the "design process". However with such a departure from the previous design, it should viewed as the start of a new design. It is easy to group LifeTrac II and III together but for the sake of wiki reorganization, they are separated.

Additional design work was done on a LifeTrac II - Mark 2 which was 26" shorter than the original LifeTrac II. However this version did not progress past the design stage so was never prototyped.

Research & Development

Build and Operate

Bill Of Materials