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  • Essentially a heated circuit prodding stick
  • Used to melt solder to solder components to a PCBs or to Bond Wires
  • Needs quite a few accesorries, and there are different versions (fuel; burning, Direct ac plug, variable resistor temp control electric, digital control electric)
  • Can also be used for any high heat applications, such as cleanly cutting synthetic rope, cutting plastic, and woodburing (for engraving/art)

Good Off The Shelf Options

'Hakko FX 888: Soldering Station

  • Source
  • Comes with the "control box" and the holder/sponge etc


  • It's open source, so like the Prusa Printer many clones etc
  • Goes for ~50 USD - 70 USD
  • Has on pen controls, but may need a holder/sponge etc
  • A Marco Reps Review of It

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