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Off the Shelf Options

Utilizing OTS Drill Press Stands

A Model Going for 2,721.600 USD?!?

  • By Yardley Inserts
  • If it's Chinese Yen that converts to a more reasonable 376.50 USD, but this is USA based supposedly so that doesn't make much sense
  • Also why the ".600" and not ".60" if it is intended to be cents, since they did use comma for the thousand place, not "." like UK does or whatever
  • I bet it is probably high quality, and maybe higher heat capacity but 2K+? Wild


Vector 3D

OSE Design

Soldering Iron/Heat Source


  • 2020 T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion
  • Potentially even just (engineered-) wood / Acrylic / some scrap material etc if you are being cheap
  • Also Could use 3D Printed Parts for Base, although it would have less mass to hold it down/in place
  • M3 Bolts + Nuts

Motion System

  • Cheap Linear Rails such as This 300mm Model by Iverntech (~21 USD) (Bearing Cleaning + Relubrication may be needed, comments seem a bit hit and miss on that aspect?)
  • Counterweight System using Screw + Washer or Water Bottle For Adjustments
  • Could also just use This Design by John Culbertson (Or perhaps adapt it from springs to a counterweight system, but otherwise use the same lever mechanism?
  • Also 3D Printed Handles (For Motion and Lifting) either way

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