Standardized Multifamily Construction

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Question: can semi-custom multifamily dwellings be built? The typical process is to do a custom design for each multifamily parcel.

OSE Perspective: why doesn't everyone do a construction set approach for custom buildings - a kit of parts and multiple standardized choices.

These guys are saying the obvious: instead of custom design for multifamily infill (expensive), or instead of ugly standard infill designs - why not use a modular, semi-custom approach? We have exactly that, plus a formidable pattern language that constitutes a Construction Set Approach. This article points out to me how backwards standard infill construction is, thus is a great enterprise opportunity for the Seed Eco-Home.


  • Prefab occurs at a scale of 100+ units. Distributed Prefab (microfactory) can change this to 1+ units, the challenge being certification of the factory. IF the factory is replicated, then only 1 factory needs to be effectively certified.
  • For example, the dashboard vividly illustrates the incredible potential of reducing development costs: a 20% decrease in the construction hard costs leads to doubling the number of sites where development starts to pencil! OSE is currently (2023) showing a 55% decrease of hard construction costs ($85k vs $186k). See OSE Build Cost.
  • Other companies - Modulous - [1]
  • Intelligent City - [2]
  • Juno [3]
  • Prefab in construction [4]
  • The Natively Integrated Developer - about how development works - [5]