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July 4, 2011

The following is a list of things that need doing on the various steam engine related projects. Completed items are marked by a Check.png

Steam Engine Technology

  • Research Steam Engine, Parts, Steam Standards
  • Industry Practices for Building and Operating Steam Engines
  • Safety Concerns for High Pressure Steam
  • Safety Concerns for High Temperatures
  • Safety Concerns for Vibration
  • Gathering links to Steam Engine Clubs and Organizations
  • Gathering links to Commercial Steam Engine Offerings
  • Sealing Moving Parts against Steam Leakage (research)

Bump Valve Design

  • Failure Modes
  • Oil Pump Design
  • Soliciting Additional Reviews
  • Determine exact dimensions of sources piston rings
  • Funding for fabrication

Rotating Valve Design

  • Locating sources of stepper motors
  • Locating sources of stepper motor controllers
  • Locating sources of shaft encoders - linear and rotational
  • Design the rotating valves