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Hand Tools

  • Socket wrench set
  • Hack saw
  • File
  • Emory Cloth

Fabrication Tools

  • Lathe*
  • Cylinder Borer*
  • Drill Press*
  • Milling Machine*
  • Cutting Torch
  • Welding Torch
  • Grinder
\* Could be the multi-tool machine.  See Lathe Build and Category:Drill-mill-lathe.

Boring Bar

A boring bar is a tool used to bore or re-bore the interior surface of a cylinder. It is designed to hold a cutting tool that can be adjusted with a small screw to set cut depth.


Such tools come in a variety of sizes, since it is important to minimize the vibration caused by offsetting the cutting tool from it's center of rotation. The cutter is high carbon steel, tempered to cut mild or cast iron (typically used for cylinders or liners). Note that the boring bar itself can be fabricated using a lathe and a means to accurately create the slot-cut needed to hold the cutter. A hole is drilled and tapped to hold a set screw that holds the cutter in place, once adjusted for cutting depth.

Care must be taken in fabricating the boring bar to accurately maintain roundness. Any vibration caused by being unbalanced will result in a rougher cut on the cylinder bore surface. The cutter can also be replaced with a hone and burnisher to further finish and smooth the bore surface.

A strong motor is needed to drive the boring bar. It must be mounted to a very stable base (ie, heavy).


  • Operating Engine Lathes [1]