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Gravity Fed

Adjustable, gravity fed oilers hold a reservoir of oil and controls it's release through a valve.

The "ACL Oiler 1 PT 3/4"-16 Mounting Stud Trico 32016" from Summit Pumps, Inc. for $124 is an example. See

KG Gravity Fed Oiler
KG Oiler Instructions

Another example, with more data is found at (Dean Industrial). See spec sheet at right. Note restrictions on temperature and vibration. The KG Oiler has a max temp of 250 degrees. Atlas Oilers in glass also operate up to 250 degrees.

Wick Fed

A wick fed oiler uses a wick to provide slow, controlled flow of oil.

The "Type N Wick Feed Oiler 4 oz 1/4" NPT Trico 30742" from Summit Pumps, Inc. for $25 is an example. See

Wick Fed Oiler
Wick Fed Oiler Instructions

More data at

It looks like the wick fed oilers provide the most amount of control (drips per minute) for the lowest price. A red/white wick gives a moderate slow speed, about a drop ever two minutes (see specs). However, they have a max operating temp at 165 degrees.

Recommend the "Trico 30742" for $25 for the Steam Engine, if temp can be assured.

Flow Valve

Adjustable rates of flow can be gotten with an oil flow valve.

The "ST Valve Dbl Fem 1/4 NPT Right Angle Glass Sight Trico 32404" from Summit Pumps, Inc for $36 is an example. See

ST Series Oiler Valve

Dean Industries at [1] provides more information on ST Valves.