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Steam Engine
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This page will be used to describe the OSE Open Source Steam Engine design, design issues, and completed drawings.

See bump valve prior art -

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Bump Valve Engine Design

Three points in the steam cycle are shown.

Design Updates:

  • 5/2/11 - Rev. 2: Initial bump valve design.
  • 5/6/11 - Rev. 3: Added flange on crankshaft end of cylinder and exhaust plenum.
  • 5/10/11 - Rev. 4: Improved bump valve added, cylinder liner is now thick.
  • 5/11/11 - Rev. 5: Added mount brackets, pillow block, extended piston stem.
  • 5/25/11 - Rev. 6: Widened cylinder flanges, dropped water vent, added sensor vent, cylinder liner to scale.
  • 7/20/11 - Rev. 7: Merged valve cover and mounting bracket. Added oiler.

1. Steam Fires


2. Steam Expands


3. Steam Vents



This is a single-action uniflow steam engine that uses a bump valve to admit steam and an exhaust vent to emit cooled steam.

Design Features:

  • Simple design with a mix of fabricated and off-the-shelf parts.
  • Modular and stackable - cylinders can be ganged together to increase power.
  • Easy assembly - minimal welding
  • Repairable - comes apart for cleaning, maintenance, and repair.
  • Easy fabrication - lathing, milling, cutting, and drilling.
  • Self-lubricating - oil sprays.
  • Crank shaft can be configured for multiple cylinders.

Sub-assembly Designs:

  • Steam Engine Design/Bump Valve
  • Steam Engine Design/Cylinder
  • Steam Engine Design/Crank Shaft
  • Steam Engine Design/Piston
  • Steam Engine Design/Lubrication
  • Steam Engine Design/Exhaust

Alternative Designs:

CAD View

Steam Engine CAD Render.png