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Pilot projects are relevant wheneve a full product release is approaching.

Stages prior to pilot projects:

  1. First prototype. Proof of concept. Pre-alpha release.
  2. Second, third,... prototypes - provide improvements. Still pre-alpha.
  3. Alpha release - suitable for early adopters and hackers. Not necessarily feature complete.
  4. Beta release - suitable for external testing on real customers. Product is feature complete but has known bugs.
  5. Release candidate - only tightly-scoped bug fixes are allowed.
  6. Pilot project - any phase from Alpha to Release Candidate are possible for pilot projects - but the further along a project is, the higher the chance of success.

2013 Pilot Project Notes

Pilot Project Notes

OSE Email and Phone Notes: Molly Reichert

OSE Template: Field Testing Inquiry Email Response


Pilot projects are a way to deploy our machines worldwide and provide valuable performance feedback. The goal is to develop a practical business model based on strategic rollout.

Best Candidates:



Gus Stone - visualization of development and documentation process.

  • Sunglass - Kaustuv DeBiswas
  • Neighborland - Candy Chang - "I want________in my neighborhood."
  • Strong Angel with access via Mr. Wells, Teru, or other high level insiders.
  • Howie Buffett via Gerard
  • Haiti with Catarina and Carlos
  • Nicholas Sparks Foundation via Dan McCormick
  • Rancho Mastatal - sawmill via Peter
  • Our School at Blair Grocery - tractor via Ian
  • 3rd Ward - Torch Table - via Stephanie and Jason
  • Milgo Bufkin - Tractor Fabrication Optimization
  • Governor's Island - Tractor deployment - via Stephanie
  • Governor's Island - biogas
  • Power Cube - Bangladesh River Boats with Mohammad
  • Local agriculture - Kauffman Foundation - tractor optimization, work with Lesa.
  • Guatemala with Manuel, would need to monetize this for development/documentation energy.
  • Lasersaur - Addie - BOM site

Value-Driven Partnerships


  • Mr. Filho in Brazil - CNC fab optimization.
  • Chuck, Cat 40 CNC Mills tech transfer
  • Multmachine tech transfer
  • WikiSpeed Tech Transfer

Pilot Project Model