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Notes - meeting May 17, 2020


User:Eric Notes

do they do throw plastic overboard or incineration? I know subs throw biodegradable bundles out a tube, and store other stuff (at least officially, ie people not breaking rules) although that may be for stealth? (or at least pla out as it is TECHNICALLY "biodegradable") Mylar MRE's are hard as it is both metal and plastic. Pyrolysis would leave metal slag? Also perhaps an acid that dissolves the metal but not the plastic. Also their use of open pit incineration is bad, but MAY be legislative work on fixing that. Also the new supercarriers use Plasma Arc Gassification for waste. Not sure if subs/smaller ships could get that. Also may develop some sort of HMCU like thing for that. Not sure on power requirments of plasma arc gassification