Strategy Update 3.5.09

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Our present strategy focuses on deploying CEB prototype 2 with a large hopper loaded by a front end loader. Since LifeTrac will be used for soil loading and pulverizing, we're fabricating MicroTrac to power the CEB press. Our goal is to have MicroTrac running within a month, as well as the large hopper for the CEB press, along with the loader/pulversizer mentioned in a recent blog post.

We will be building a large number of raised organoponic beds, hatching out 300 chickens, and building chinampas, along with fruit tree plantout and orchard maintenance.

In the background, we have 33 True Fans supporting the work at $10 per month, and we are currently soliciting reviews and bids for the other 8 technologies mentioned in Specifications, as part of the Open Source Product Development Pipeline.

We have perfected our ability to build on-demand housing with interim Solar Cubicles, having finished the second one yesterday. We are recruiting people for Dream Team 30, and presently we have 2 full-time on-site people. Become part of the team, by taking initiative in putting the above tasks into practice, or support our work by Subscribing.

Project Choice Strategy

The products under Specifications reflect a strategy for becoming 100% sufficient in food, energy, and fuel. Pyrolisis Oil is a robust energy source that can be obtained at 50% yield levels from any grass crop. The Babington burner can burn this oil to power steam engines. A steam engine requires a flash steam generator. Wood gasification is another fuel source, especially suited for stationary power. We aim to replace the LifeTrac diesel engine with the above steam engine. Metal casting and a lathe gets you to fabrication capacity for steam engines.

This small package has profound potential for local prosperity in a global economy.