Subversive Abundance Supercollaboration

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Tools like wikis and templates are extremely powerful and Wikipedia proved it - but we can do better. The next step is open-sourcing the blueprints for civilization. Currently, we are aware only of OSE and One Community as fully authentic efforts towards the open source economy - sharing blueprints for enterprise.

This page is an call-out for collaboration on the OSE wiki. Over the years, we found that very few people understand what a wiki is, and how to contribute to one. Thus, a concerted effort to educate not only novices - but wiki ninjas - to seize the full power of wiki-based collaboration - is in order. Here we provide a comprehensive mental model of how the wiki can be used - so that those who choose to engage are fully versed in the Collaborative Literacy necessary to engage in such an effort. On one side, one could use $30M annually to produce like Wikipedia. However, our vision is that by providing the proper training, a self-guided effort like this can happen at the cost of server space - pending sufficient operational guidance. It is such guidance that this article is attempting to create. We go through best practices of open collaboration, open source product design, open source toolsets, open source development kits and environments, the role of integrated education, and more. Primarily, one must wrap their head around what the true potential of collaboration is - which for most people requires a huge shift in psycho-social integration and growth. Thus, to become a good collaborator, one must first become a good human.

I call this 'subversive abundance' because without even recognizing it - we will transcend poverty, war, destruction, and corruption through this process.