Summer of Extreme Design-Build and Startup Camp Overview of Learning Program

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Upgrade your software, get out your open source tool kit for collaboration, and change the world.

Month 1

Focuses on 3D printing and making filament from waste plastic, and large 3D printers, so that anyone can start their own business producing 3D printing filament or producing construction materials.


  • High temperature 3D printer - first open source, high T (178C) printing chamber printer in the world
  • Filament Maker - building a machine to make filament from waste plastic, starting by grinding down the plastic.
  • 3D Printer Extruders - Rubber optimized extruder, and an extruder for 3 and 5 mm filament
  • High force planetary geardowns. To make shredders affordable, what can we do to minimize the motor requirements? We can use a standard stepper motor with 100x geardown for high torque.
  • 3D printed linear and rotary bearings - linear rail recirculating, standard bearing circulating, linear bearing with recirculating balls.
  • Oxyhydrogen generator - adding oxyhydrogen to the CNC torch table to cut directly from solar energy and water

Product Releases and Extreme Build

  • Large Volume Enclosed 3D printer - 2x2x3 foot working area with enclosure for retaining heat, and air filtration
  • Filament making - heavy duty shredder with 1/2" blades, for filament production for 3 mm and 5 mm filament using Precious Plastic and Lyman Filament Maker technology.

Moving the Dial in Access to Technology

  • First open source, high T build chamber 3D printer in the world
  • First large format printer with heated enclosure and air filtration that can be built for under $2k in materials

Month 2

We continue 3D printing, but extend to metal. We start heavy machines, with 3D printed parts in rubber, plastic, and metal.


  • Tools: Metal 3D printer - using well-established WAAM technology
  • Tools: Heavy duty screw machine - cnc lathe + mill + drill using 2" universal Axis, with 12"x12"x18" working area
  • Tools:Large format printer for wall panels - 4x4x8'. Now we get serious. Imagine printing wall panels with built-in utilities for construction purposes.
  • Machines: 360 degree tracked backhoe -
  • Machines: Trencher
  • Machines: Auger
  • Machines: Solar MicroTrac - instead of diesel, we run on solar energy and batteries. Also used as a hydraulic power source for the workshop.
  • Machines: Reinventing the Wheel - 3D printed rubber wheels for vehicles and tractors, and 3D printed bearings with steel balls.
  • Machines: The Embassy Elf

Product Releases and Extreme Build

  • MicroTrac with 3D printed tracks and wheel modules
  • CNC Torch Table

Month 3

Prototypes and Builds

  1. Modular Utility Building - building a 12x20 structure to get familiar with modular construction.
  2. Construction Lumber Printer
  3. Mobile Microhouse - an 8x8 foot microhouse module with a welded steel angle frame, which can be put on wheels.
  4. CEB Patio
  5. Modular CEB + Panel Construction - CEB 16x16 structures that can be used for houses, multipurpose space, housing, kitchens, workshop space, Winter Workshop
  6. Pond for gravity energy storage - putting backhoe and trencher to work
  7. CEED Ecohome - Microhouse for the Living. Features living roof, CEB for walls, 3D printed foundation forms, 3D Printed plumbing, 3D printed lumber, and 3D printed building panels
  8. Solar Concrete Maker - What? We will use solar panels to produce cement from local limestone, which we will then use to make stabilized CEBs with our open source soil mixer + CEB - and which we can use for building foundations.

Product Releases and Extreme Build

  1. CEB with Soil Mixer
  2. Construction Panel 3D Printer - 4x4x8 foot panel printer, using waste plastic feedstock