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  • BodyQuick-appwars to have DMAE, which is banned in the US


Fri Apr 24, 2020

From Randy -

I take 10,000 IUs per day and my level is about 100. I also use the testing program where I get a blood test every 6 months to see my levels. I believe I get 100 tablets of 10,000 IU for about $7. That's about $2.50 per month.

I don't know that we ever had 4-year-old chickens. We were feeding hawks, owls, a fox and other local predators. We started out with about 25 a couple of times and ended up with half a dozen. They stopped laying in the winter, even with a light. Then it was "Easter egg hunt" all around inside the barn and outside here and there. Periodically we would do a roundup to collect everything, put them in water, keep the good ones, and throw the rest into the forest.

I'm glad (hoping) we're past freezing temperatures.

Be well.


PS. Dr. Joel Wallach grew up around here, majored in field crops, became a veterinarian then a medical doctor. His dad was a dairy farmer. They supplemented their cattle feed, but didn't for their own food. That disparity caused his curiosity and focus on minerals and vitamins. After spending a couple of years in Africa documenting diseases with autopsies, he hypothesized that all of the animal diseases result from a deficiency of something. With his medical degree he was able to treat human diseases by supplementing similarly to the animals. He has an entertaining audio disk: "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." The title comes from data he collected showing that the lifespan of MDs is shorter than the average person. He suggests that infers that doctors are not as smart as they believe themselves to be, and that we can still learn from research. He's written half a dozen or more books. One I read thoroughly examined each mineral element and vitamin. He described how it was first identified (often in a Scandinavian country), how it was used historically, sources, applications, toxicities and so forth. Normally I read at a steady pace. But in that book I had a red pencil and learned many new and interesting things, sometimes on the same page.

And more today...

Dear Marcin,

The book I referred to has been shelved in my most valuable place that I can never find again. It is either or The books are also available from Amazon. From the description, it is probably Dead Doctors Don't Lie:

Learn how to prevent and reverse 412 diseases with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and herbs. Reveals facts that are opposite from what the medical community has led you to believe. Dr. Wallach has a fascinating story. He was studying a disease similar to Cystic Fibrosis in monkeys while in Africa. When he returned to the United States he was studying the same disease in humans. He found a tissue culture from a monkey that looked identical to humans and sent it to six labs describing it only as a culture from a young male. All the pathologists certified in letters that it WAS cystic fibrosis. Then he cured it using nutrition. When his boss returned from a trip he was fired. The paper he had been invited to present at the Cystic Fibrosis medical conference was not printed in their catalog of speeches, and he was uninvited as a speaker. After that he was unable to find work at any research facility or university--once being hired then immediately fired, being told that if he worked for them the school would no longer receive federal research funding. Though a veterinarian with years of experience in autopsies and research in Africa, he was unable to find work, and went back to work on his dad's farm. Ultimately he became a medical doctor as well, and the story goes on to show how he used the farm animal supplements and protocols to cure human diseases.

I downloaded a phone app called Telegram. It is not censored like Facebook and Twitter (owned by FB). Apparently every natural supplement is being censored as "fake news," with the only acceptable story line: vaccination. Vitamin C which in high doses, IV, has remarkable results, as well as Ozone therapy are both scuttled. A Chinese company sent 50 tons! of Vitamin C to Wuhan to help staunch the epidemic there. In the United States there is no mention.

Telegram has a channel from David Avocado Wolfe which texts updates that are not censored. In fact, yesterday he noted that Wikileaks released all its files, including Hillary Clinton emails, Nevada shootings, and so forth. The link is:


That presents an imposing index of all manner of original documents. Fascinating. Have you heard that announced anywhere?... (crickets)

Another link you might be interested in is called Dharma Portal. The most recent topic he is focusing on is hydrogen, particularly as a health supplement. You can watch it here;

The title of this presentation is Hydrogen is Multi-dimensional. It is also possible to sign up for regular updates.

Take care,