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It is clearly possible to present the fundamental, big picture mental models that society holds and that have been demonstrated to work (and not work) in various civilizations. There are timeless principles, and philosophies,then scient and social studies - that have given us infinite wisdom, yet because of siloized disciplines and disintegrated human organizations, they have cause much damage from genocide to slavery and other un-freedoms.

What is the key concept in each of all disciplines? (From math to moral philosophy, Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, to human development to ecology to military theory to technology to economics to negotiation etc) OSE believes the prerequisite to stewardship is making sure that allentalodels across all disciplines are applied to any problem. This way we could avoid world wars, resource conflicts, and guarantee prosperity to all.

We need a list of basic principles to live by. Second, we need the courage to act on these. Third, we need to create infrastructures that support these behaviors, as opposed to incentives for evil.

Simply put - any human enterprise must consider all mental models from all disciplines to make sound decisions. Otherwise, inconvenience up to genocide and war can easily arise. Which company in the world does it? Don't know anyone yet, but the one that does brings lasting prosperity, a new country, or a new civilization all together.