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SweetHome3D is a powerful, open source Building/Interior Design Software Used by OSE and the OBI. Focus is accessible interior design and visualization.

Export to FreeCAD

See FreeCad + SweetHome3D + Blender Interoperability


IF you have graphics issues, download the version - SweetHome3D-Java3D-1_5_2 .

Part Libraries

  1. New part libraries, both 3D and 2D, can be added to SweetHome3D. This allows for visual design across many designs. In the 2D view - parts appear but not in a most user-friendly way because they have a line boundary around them. You can download and use such libraries readily by Furniture > Import furniture library - [1]
  2. There are 3D trees here, as well as appliances - [2]. Plants, bush, hedge - [3]
  3. Wall plugs and jacks - [4]

Sweet Home Online Manager

  • You can upload files to view online, so you can show others or use a low-power device such as smart phone to view your model - [5]
  • Or, you can create a shared account for your team, so everyone can view the files in a common account.

Online Viewer

Different than Online Manager