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From OSE Job Descriptions 2013

To recruit the executive team:

Critical Characteristics:

  • Focus selection on experienced candidates with 10+ years of experience
  • Focus Roles on ability of candidate to help formulate strategy and execution of critical, high level, immediate priority tasks
    • Filter candidates through ability to make positive contributions (either strategic or execution) in absence of existing protocol - thereby demonstrating competence or problem-solving ability
  • For the Ops Manager - focus on personally mature, experienced or encore candidates who don't have something to prove to mitigate risk of mission drift.
  • Focus on candidates who serve as mentors to the organization for all 4 positions.
  • Focus on honorable candidates. who are strong carriers of OSE Culture.
  • Focus on candidates who would like to grow with the organization.
  • Focus on candidates with excellent rapport with and mentorship capacity to ED.
  • Focus on candidates who embody both transparency (functional) and openness (philosophical) as part of OSE Culture.

Helpful Characteristics:

  • Focus selection on candidates who are innovators in their field.

First-tier evaluation (1-10) of candidates will be based on each Critical Characteristic above.


  • Create Intro Page on the wiki
  • Write complete role description
    • Find job descriptions for similar roles
  • Get external review and assistance in wordsmithing of Job Descriptions
    • Karien, Renee, Cati, Adrian, Stephanie, Dan, Ruth-Ann
  • Ask key supporters for support on identifying Talent Search professionals
    • Focus search on the 4 specific talent areas of interest
  • Make an ask to the Talent Search professionals for 1 hour working sessions
  • Gain access to industry standard Talent Search protocols by talking to Talent Search professionals
  • Gain access to cutting-edge Talent Search protocols
  • Apply a mixture of stadard and cutting-edge Talent Search protocol in our case
    • Create a Strategy
    • Execute

Review of Applicants

Product Lead

  • Talk to a technical recruiter in the engineering field to learn how to assess Product Directors/Product Leads.
  • Talk to Product Leads