OSE Job Descriptions 2013

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Current Development

Talent Search Specification.

Job Descriptions Overview


Annotated version:


Job Descriptions - 2013

Desired Outputs

  • Executive Director - $2M in additional resources secured through strategic partnerships and strategic deployment; 3-5 major new strategic relationships started; high quality staff recruited; realistic Deployment Plan and Budget defined and executed
  • Operations Manager - development and site operations stabilized, contracts for prototyping drawn up and managed effectively for full chain from design to documentation; site operations stabilized
  • Documentation Manager - implements a solid documentation protocol; successful pipeline to crowd-sourced documentation and vidoe production established; organizes existing documentation for prototypes built.
  • Product Lead (Head of R&D) - open hardware development protocol stabilized and beginning to scale; Deployment Plan for prototypes executed successfully.
  • Community Manager - Successful pipeline of contributors developed to leverage the power of crowd-based contributions
  • Fundraising - $500k raised

General Role Division Strategy

As the company grows, it is critical to focus jobs on critical tasks and nothing else. Only upon these tasks being executed with excellence should other tasks be added.

  1. Extensive field testing established via collaborating Pilot Projects
  2. Executive Director recruits Operations Manager to set up and stabilize Operations and legal compliance. Aggressive recruiting. If operations are pared down to the minimum essential (scalable platform for machine builds + documentation via careful contract management), then Ops Manager focuses on establishing Core Work contracts with Developers, in addition to money/legal/payroll.
  3. Operations Manager handles compliance (payroll/accounting outsourced; book-keeper outsourced). Operations manager writes OSE Operations Handbook.
  4. No dedicated video producer exists; Documentation Manager writes instructionals scripts and outsources video production from crowd contributions; Dedicated Project Visits for video work are also used. Potential H2 channel collaboration pending structuring/construction deliverables.
  5. Product Lead manages design-outsourced prototyping-production runs.
  6. Community Manager and Documentation Managers can live off-site
  7. Grid connection being negotiated for infrastructure facilitation
  8. Executive Retreat for core team bonding

Organization Chart