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I have *no* experience with these or any related technology really. I was talking with my grandpa when he was visiting for some Family Members' Graduations recently, and i was discussing Planters /Seeders / Seed Drills . Specifically i was curious about Hydro-seeding , as i heard about it in a paper on Mine Reclamation .

He said it is often used for seeding Cover Crops on the medians of roadways etc after construction. He then said they are often followed by a "Hay Chopper" for some cover, so i looked into what that was as well, and stumbled upon these

Seem to be in a bit of Terminology Hell, so help on this would be appreciated


  • Bale Blower
  • Hay Blower
  • Bale Chopper
  • Hay Chopper
  • Bale Processor
  • Hay Processor
  • Bale Shredder
  • Hay Shredder
  • and other similar terms

All seem to be used interchangeably/having a minor distinction, so some clarification on that would be appreciated.

I guess i'll leave it at this for now, and wait for some feedback

In my opinion i think:

  • Hay Chopper (with the below subcategories)
    • Bale Chopper
    • Hay/Bale Blower

makes sense, but again i want some feedback on this

--Eric (talk) 02:18, 10 June 2021 (UTC)