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overall layout

I would like to keep the main page for the torch table as succinct as possible. Lets move all of the technical information into the Research and Dev section.Chris DeAngelis 22:58, 24 July 2012 (CEST)

This page needs to maintain a SUPER CLEAR format. Please try to avoid long narrow lists that push the rest of the page down. Standard desktop and laptop resolution is 1024x768 that is 1024 pixels wide.... and most users are browsing with even higher resolutions. content should be Horizontal as well as vertical. Also please avoid "red" wiki links. Any links on this front page for the torch table need to bring the reader to rich information about the Torch table.Chris DeAngelis (talk) 17:27, 24 January 2013 (CET)

email about the project as of 2013

Sent: 5/28/16 Hi Enrico,

Thanks for your interest in the cnc torch table I was working on this project for a while at Open Source Ecology. As far as i know the project hit some dead ends, but I copied my fellow collaborators on this email, since they might know more about it than me (Hi Everyone!)

My focus was on the mechanical components of the frame and creating exploded parts diagrams, which i never really finished, and would be happy to help out with.

Also, there might be other projects that are similar and further along, but definitely check out our work scattered across the OSE wiki:

Here's a list of what everyone was focusing on:

Project Manager: Marcin Jakubowski <>, Marcin probably has the best idea of the projects current state and where the roadblocks were.

Electronics: Darren Vandervort <>, Yoonseo Kang <> Darren was working on an open source stepper motor called "the stepper nug" last I heard. Yoonseo was working closely with the arduino electronics and programming.

Programming: Vann Miller <>, Vann was working on Gcode generation, tool-pathing and arduino programming.

Fabrication: Aidan Williamson <> Jose Bravo <>, Jose built most of the table frame, and welded the entire water bed plate (not an easy task!) Aidan i believe was the last to physically work on the table, but at that point the project had slowed down considerably and the project was sidelined. James Slade <> James actually built a working torch table at Creation Flame, he also shared with us his designs for the gantry and table, which we tried to replicate.


Chris DeAngelis

P.S. Hope everyone is doing well, looking forward to catching up one of these days!