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  • 3D CAD
  • Machine Design
  • Wiki Editing

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March 19, 2018

Power Drill idea

March 10, 2018

rebuilding torch table CAD in Solidworks from Ben's DXF files
Significant Progress.... Calling it a day

Collecting current information on Torch Table.

Having trouble finding active users.

Would like to create an instructional video on how to quickly jump into the project. Collaborate with us

Using the 3 following search terms to find all pages on the torch table project:

uploaded CAD files here


March 5, 2016

added parts to the CNC Torch Table assembly STP file. Still struggling with FreeCAD, but recent versions of freecad are getting much closer to production class. In my estimation, FreeCAD is currently the most suitable CAD software for Open Source Ecology development, in light of is open source code, and functionality. I am also impressed by openSCAD and SolveSpace, however they seem more useful for small 3D printable objects. Sketchup seems best for architecture.

As for the Torch Table, I will be devoting 100% of my "ample spare time" to it's development. I realize I may have been part of the bottleneck, by not yet finishing the promised exploded assembly drawings. However, I am also trying to comb through all of the documentation on the torch table (reptab) that OSE has accumulated over the years.

To me the Torch Table development/"design" can be broken down into 4 parts: 1) physical structure (frame, gear rails, gantry), 2) Electronics (arduino, stepper motors), 3) Software (arduino programming, STP file creation, Gcode creation), 4) clear and concise documentation that will encourage replication.

Winter 2013-14

February 5, 2014

December 18, 2013

December 14, 2013

It is my understanding that the .step file format is the most compatible 3D cad format. It is based on ISO (International Standards Organization). when saving a 3d assembly as a step file, dimensions are preserved, and parts are segregated. The main problem with step files, (which is possible to overcome) is that if you design a cylinder by drawing a 2d circle and extruding it (push/pull), you can later adjust the diameter of the circle, which the cylinder diameter is linked to. In a step file, the 2d circle is lost, and it may be impossible to adjust the cylinder diameter.

The software I am currently experimenting with is as follows:

  • freecad
  • sketchup
  • solidworks
  • hypermesh
  • salome
  • openSCAD
  • catia

December 7, 2013

Completed the design for the Torch Table Tensioning System in Sketchup: File:OpenSourceEcologyTorchTable.skp

Torchtable2tensioningSystem.png Torchtable2tensioningSystem-TensioningBoltDetail.png Torchtable2tensioningSystem-detailWithSlats.png
Torchtable2tensioningSystem-Dimensions1.png Torchtable2tensioningSystem-Dimensions2.png

December 4, 2013

  • Started to draft a new version of the wiki's frontpage: Proposed Main Page
  • Starting FEM analysis on the CEB Press Press Foot. Investigating "tamper design" alternative.

Summer 2013

June 23 through June 29

June 27, 2013

June 24, 2013

=Fabrication Instructions

edit truckedit cab

June 16 through June 22

June 19, 2013

June 18, 2013

Chris-june18-c.PNG Chris-june18-a.PNG Chris-june18-b.PNG

  • converted steel wheel parts to DXF for CNC Machining

June 17, 2013
OSE Truck.PNG Chris-newpedal.PNG

  • created dual pedal

Cab Hydraulic Options

June 2013 Hydraulics Order

June 9 through June 15

June 15, 2013

June 14, 2013

June 13, 2013
Truck steering.PNG Hydfoot-21-300x187.jpg Truck hydraulics.PNG Truck hydraulics2.PNG

June 12, Wednesday
Chris-612-b.PNG Asdfasdfasfdasfd.PNG Chris-june12-cab-iso.PNG

  • changed cab module, added floor
  • adjusted dimensions
  • created a simplified model of the seat sourced bellow.



June 11, Tuesday
Chris-june11-cab-iso.PNG Chris-june11-cab-front.PNG Chris-june11-cab-side.PNG

  • added some hydraulic controls

Chris-june11-pivot-iso.PNG Chris-june11-pivot-front.PNG Chris-june11-pivot-side.PNG

  • enhanced pivot design with dual vertical hinge configuration.

=Meeting Notes
= Machine Module Compliments.PNG

June 10, Monday
Chris-june10-side.PNG Chris-june10-iso.PNG Chris-june10-top.PNG Chris-june10-back.PNG

  • major changes to the Truck Cab.
    • moved powercubes behind drivers
    • modularized driver cab and powercube cab to streamline fabrication
    • adjusted width of the front cab to allow for attachment of the trucks central hinge system

Chris-june10-hinge-side.PNG Chris-june10-hinge-iso.PNG Chris-june10-hinge-iso-b.PNG

  • optimized truck pivot File:Truck full.skp
    • interlocking hinges increase friction, but distribute axle loads much more evenly

June 2 through June 8

June 7, Friday

Truck full.PNG June 7 chris b.PNG Juasdfafne 7.PNG Chris 102348018.PNG

  • OSE Truck suspension system with leaf springs

9682 tri-5 gasser front spindle-lg.jpg Kcspring.jpg Leafs1.jpg Spring3.png

June 6, Thursday

  • added leaf springs


  • Progress on the front cab
  • added leg room, finished roll cage

Front cab.png Cab front b.PNG Front cab c.PNG Truck hinge2.PNG

4wayhingechris.png File:4 way hinge.skp 4waychris b.PNG Twisting joint.PNG

June 5, Wednesday

  • File:Truck front.skp
  • Pushed forward Truck Cab design
  • created models of driver and passenger to help get a feel for the size and space of the Cab.
  • Updated Warehouse.skp
  • Also found some good images that helped brainstorm ideas

9682 tri-5 gasser front spindle-lg.jpg Kart-Steering.jpg Bed and cab frame.JPG

June 4, Tuesday
Chris6-4-2013.PNG File:Quick attach.skp

June 3, Monday
Old screenshot.png File:Quick attach.skp

May 26 through June 1

May 31, 2013
Micro track scaled 1-4.PNG File:Adjusted 1-4 scale.skp

  • Created 1:4 scale of microtrac trac for 3d scale model printing purposes

May 30, 2013
Arrived at Factor e Farm today. Got some food and supplies from Dungy's and Dollar General. Purchased 2 boxes of probiotic formula for the HabLab septic tank. Added a full box to the tank. System should get a half box every month. Created a public expense list, with public commenting enabled, here.