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Way to go everyone!

Glad to See Chris got a good team together. WHen I talked to him week before it didn't sound like there would be a lot of help.


What are you using for the outside plaster.

In North Texas here there is a lot of clay soil, but my concern was moisture deteriorating it. Chris mentioned the plaster dealt with that.

Is there a recipe?

Congratulations on doing such a great job!

Thumbs up!

I've been following this page for two months now from the Netherlands and really admire the openness going in this blog. Great read! Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Steven

building codes by state

heyo, saw that youre reading about laws and such. not sure if another site has something similar but thought it might be nice to begin building a map based on what youve found. heres the wikipedia map we could use [1] . where should a page like this be placed? CEB/State_Laws ? Microhouse/State_Laws ? --Dorkmo (talk) 00:00, 3 July 2014 (CEST)

Dorkmo, I think that is a great idea... Unless it's changed, Marcin's philosophy has always been that the wiki is a "sandbox for anyone to play in" so I would say starting a page with any of those titles is great! Curtis Calkins and Marcin worked on the design for MicroHouse 3, and they are driving the project these days (I've resigned from OSE and am working close to home so I don't have to travel anymore). I haven't seen any of the design process for MH 3 anywhere on the wiki, but maybe it's coming soon. Here's a link to Curtis' Log - you may want to talk to him about the CEB state code map. Great to hear from you! - Chris