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Publish or it didn't happen nice idea

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social media

OSE Network Profile
rotonde site dat://9955aa7ca949f4a4b968debaa9e75ee6964f04d0b0a8cc358b7559b3db63d100/

stuff im currently working on


things i started, but stopped


hope to pick this up next
have ordered a assembled machine (airwolf 3d)

conceptualizing micro milk pasturizer and bottler

think i might build a small water tower to make fef showers more reliable [1]

on backburner till i finish reprap which is also on hold. hope to be printing pumps this summer 2012.

going to try and make a Snap-Lock at tulsa fab lab

never got around to working on this. yoonseo is doing work on his own design so my work on this is on the back burner. ive got some hdpe sheet if anyone thinks of something it could be used for.


steam valves User:mjn

steam crank shaft, arms, pistons


printed gear pump for s.e.

things im interested in starting but havent

making variable resistance stepper motors using 3d printing to cast parts casting

areas i think are important

favorite ose pages


tools i have

table top drill press

soldering stuff

6" calipers


airwolf3d printer

what im known for

being a vegetarian, but only admitting to it sometimes. :)

external links


my sketchup 3d warehouse page

my ose google docs folder

Useful wikipedia pages

Stuff to Read

Headphones+Laptop Work Concentraion/Inspiration Music