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I dived into this after watching A Video by the YouTube Channel "Hand Tool Rescue" Titled "1920s Paint Sprayer [Restoration " ] (~23 Minute Watch ) (Specifically at This Timecode )

They mentioned " Fabric-Reinforced Oil-Resistant Rubber ", which lead me to that fuel resistant elastomer question and the resulting link under this page's "External Links" section'

Turns out it isn't Latex but one of these Fluoroelastomers, need to look into what was used specifically for the Fiber Reinforcement (and maybe do sourcing for the material, seems useful to have on hand)

(It also leads around to "Vitron Rubber" which is a brand name for one of these, which was mentioned on that Open Source Thin Film Deposition Machine Page!)

Anyways I hope this clears up the reasons for me randomly posting this!

--Eric (talk) 21:45, 8 April 2022 (UTC)