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Carl - thanks! - Marcin

Mentioned this a bit in the last Dev Team Meeting

What cameras and/or microphones do you have at FeF, User:Marcin

I think you had a "gopro" type ruggedized camera in the tree planting video (forever ago, can go dig for a link)

Also you have some sort of webcam (is it internal/usb etc) for dev meetings?

Also do you have a cameraphone or smartphone?

Once we know this, we can do some further plotting to get some great videos/photos of all the projects being done there.

--Eric (talk) 13:38, 20 May 2020 (UTC)

I can't seem to find it, but i am discussing the water system, and i vaguely (perhaps falsely) remember a graphic that showed an alternate water source (from the Rainwater Harvesting ) that used a connection to a Retention Pond type thing. Anyone know if this was a real thing, and if so where that image/wiki page is?

--Eric (talk) 20:02, 29 April 2021 (UTC)

It may just be page 2 of the Rainwater Catchment google document?

--Eric (talk) 20:04, 29 April 2021 (UTC)