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Set up an incubator with a 'hot dog roller' inside? File:Http://

I am using a "Little Giant" incubator and automatic egg turner. My brother-in-law got them at a Brick and Mortar Tractor Supply store about 6 weeks ago. Here is a link to the products on For less than 90$ this incubator is giving me good results. My first run I only had 5 fertilized eggs (as determined by candling after 1 week). All 5 hatched. My second run I have 10 fertilized eggs (due to hatch starting tomorrow). I had considered getting a more expensive incubator - but I'm glad I didn't because this one is doing a fine job. Here is a youtube video from the manufacturer: I have no affiliation with "Little Giant" (or whoever makes it) - other than buying their product and liking it. Marcin asked me if I could help out on the incubator - buying and using this one is a step towards that effort. I needed to know what was out there and how well it worked. The "Little Giant" incubator (with automatic egg turner) works well.

I have 36 chickens at present. I have a bantam rooster that I am breeding in hopes that his hen offspring will be broody and brood the eggs of the other hens (13 buff orpingtons, 13 black australorps, 1 barred rock and 2 others) if possible. My free range chickens have sustained such heavy losses to predation that I am only allowing 3 of them to free range right now.

-Tom L

Don't you think it would be easier and cheaper to use a fan in order to get homogeneous heat and moisture conditions ?

-Gabriel H