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I can't seem to find it, but i either saw and lost, or thought of the title (will keep you posted)

Anyways The Opacification of the Open Source Movement is an eloquent way of putting the way some parts of "the movement" are going

There has been some very good discussion on the topic though that's worth a read/watch (i haven't gotten through all of it myself)

I'll post some "link spam" below, as i have many more things i should spend time on first , but making all of these into a coherent page and maybe making a nice written form of my thoughts could make for a good page (or something to nail to a makerspace/OpenSauce door Martin Luther style lol). What do you think?

Anyways i think the right thing to do is basically as open as possible, short of the caveats of Privacy, Dual Use Stuff , and understand some people are limited in how fast / how well they can document small projects early on. It may be nievate, but i try and do the "right thing" even if it isn't the "best option" for the most part, so i try and "open source all the things!" however Idealism vs Reality can be an issue. As the Overton Window shifts though (my idea of) Idealism and Reality Shift Closer Together!

Anywho here's the link spam, and i'd love to hear your thoughts on all this: "The Decline of Transparency. Is the World Becoming More Opaque?" "Folding and Unfolding: Balancing Openness and Transparency in Open Source Communities" "Freedom Isn't Free - Wendy Liu" (I don't agree with it's take per se (pragmatically speaking i don't care if it's commodified so much as it helps people etc, real world vs ideals), but come to think of it the "Commodification of the Revolution" is kind of funny to see happen in this context (good examples too in the article)

(This came up in my searching, unrelated (at least directly), but interesting presentation! A Video by the YouTube Channel "Sharjah Art Foundation" Titled "Keynote: On De Opacification and the Right to Opacity" ( ~1.5 Hour Watch ) (i'm only 20 minutes in and need to move on with work, but it's really interesting. Should revisit later. Also for the book people reading, they mentioned "Les Damnés de la Terre (English: The Wretched of the Earth) by Frantz Fanon )

(Also this medical bit on something open source for cataracts surgery complications )

--Eric (talk) 21:16, 11 August 2023 (UTC)