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  • Turns out the wikipedia pages on these are one of the giant detailed ones; wild. :
  • I need to find a good list of these
  • I saw these two videos if i remember correctly:
    • A Video by the YouTube Channel "Jil Bearup" Titled "31 logical fallacies in 8 minutes" ( ~8 Minute Watch )
      • This was quite well done
      • Quick, To the Point, and also has Timecodes to "jump" to a section which is nice for reviewing something. ( "Oh where was the part where they..." instead of scrubbing through you just click it)
    • A Video by the YouTube Channel " Mr. Beat " Titled "How to Spot Logical Fallacies (Featuring Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro)" ( ~30 Minute Watch )
      • My Issue with this one was how Mr. Beat explained what logical fallacies they used, but didn't counter the core arguments they made with them. As someone who already knows the "true causes" of the Housing Crisis / Homelessness / the ineffectiveness of saying "Just Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps" (Translation: "Did you try not being poor?" "Did you try not doing crime in the area that is a borderline failed state?" etc) etc it was fine, but for many this video came across as "nit-picky" and i think that was a bit of a dangerous mistake
      • Granted many of these types that rely on logical fallacies / fear mongering, and Controlling the Narrative do so many of them, that by the time you finish your 30 minute video essay deconstructing one small bit, they dump out 5 more speeches and some tweets etc)
      • Also it's a personal bit, but i disliked the odd puppet bits
  • Ted Ed Has This Series Titled "The Demon of Reason" which is VERY good
    • A Cartoon (With their usual unique ted ed art style) suggests a riddle of sorts, challenges the audience to outsmart it / see why it is wrong
    • They then typically go to a historical example, or play one out
    • Explain why and name drop the fallacy etc
    • Each one is roughly 3 minutes or so
  • All in all there is some good content on all this (As well as the booklist Marcin is accumulating, have to check those out some day, rainy/cold FeF day activities perhaps lol)
  • One odd thing is the ethics of "When can you "Play Dirty" / Use Arguments like this, or Borderline Propaganda etc...but for good
    • Something i've been thinking over for a while, and i've seen some takes
    • Granted the whole "How do you know you are doing "good" argument can come up, but that's moreso a philosophy bro trap, look at the Utilitarian Outcome / why you want to do the thing / who wants to and you should get a decent idea
      • For Example Prager U and the like are a Propaganda wing to make unpopular "older" ideas hip to the Youth in the USA etc (Due to being funded by Fossil Fuel Barons (Climate Change is a Risk to their Wealth, Taxation / Environmental and Financial Regulation is also a risk, Not falling for Fear Mongering / Logical Fallacies leads to " lEft WinG tHinKing " etc (I'm rambling but i hope this conveys the point) )
      • Short of wanting fame (or wealth, although short of Psudo-Non Profits and other shady stuff this is hard, not many rich teachers etc), or perhaps some sense of accomplishment for fixing someone's problems there aren't too many reasons one would be pushing for policies like these and be "bad"
      • Main question is does it legitimize their behavior (although many would say "they are already doing it, taking the high road has not worked" etc)
  • I want to sort through these and get them added in somewhere all nice, but don't have the time for that now
  • Enough rambling i'll leave it at all that

--Eric (talk) 21:49, 23 August 2023 (UTC)