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Can we make a power storage version that uses standard 12V "Car Battery" style lead acids, or lithium batteries, or Nicads

Not for mobile but for Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Powerpack type uses

I think i saw a plan for something like this Here

they used 100AH LiFeYPO4 3.2V Battery Cells, as they didn't like the power loss of lead acids

Making Modules out of These nicad 12v 1,800mAH ~90.93 USD a piece

Supposedly "A standard small car battery is about 45 amp/hours." or ~4,500 mAH depending on which lead acid is chosen

Lead Acids go from around $50-300 depending on which style/company

2-3 of the nicads would have around the same capacity for $181.86-272.79 which is competitive (and has a longer lifespan making lifetime cost cheaper)

This was a bit of a rant, and may need it's own page, but i thought I'd Bring it up here first

--Eric (talk) 23:40, 30 January 2020 (UTC)

FOUND IT , goodness this was hidden

9:48 est