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A few things off the top of my head

Blender is great for editing, and vfx so we are mostly good on software. I am unsure on the group productivity aspects of blender, i know that is underdeveloped in most open source software. Not 100% needed if proper data managment techniques are used, but may make workflow a bit more complex (moving files around, sharring files etc)

On the hardware side, cameras are pricey, but would make a good investment. Also i i think scott was talking about some of their kit

Camera Accesories are probably the easiest thing to make

Various Camera Rigs (Frame for mounting all camera accesories for "run and gunning"), a fig rig (makes video more stable via passive ergonomic methods), an overhead rig for eithier build videos, food, or drawing (May be able to make this into a dual purpose device, add paper or cloth for a small object photo sstudio box (Great photos of products etc)

I am rather bad at cad (especially freeCAD i can sort of work my way around autodesk, as in primary school i learned it's basics, HOWEVER they are super exensive, non open source, and has more user io development

I CAN however do some research on existing builds, cost of gear, and perhaps do some collaboration corrospondence.

I also got a digital input pen tablet recently, so i SHOULD be able to make some basic drawings to get concepts across (quality will be bad but hopefully get the point across)

Also i can possibly do some of the video editing work. I have blender and am not too capable with the 3D Animation, but am proficient with the video editing tool. This would offload some of the workload for all of you with capacity to work on machines and whatnot. Also my laptop is one of those thick ones with a decednt graphics card so render times should be a bit lower perhaps.

I have been mentally plotting the overhead rig (Thinking an aluminium t slot frame, 3d printed/machined metal holders for componets, a webcam or a mount for a dedicated camera, a powerbar for power distribution, and some sort of light (Perhaps cheap led cells or some RGBW/RGBWWCW strips (These are more costly but allow for creative lighting, and different white "temperatures" daylight vs more yellow, but probably won't have the funds to make it (at least for a while). I can try and get everyhting but the CAD done, perhaps make some sketches, but my learning on CAD will probably take longer than allowing someone who is profficient in it to do the task.

I made the barebones of a photo/videoagraphy construction set a while back, and made a page on workflows for both of these

I think my main stuff will be fleshing out the construction set, designing some things + making bom's for them, and perhaps start doing some editing or something

On another note marcin's channel is sort of acting as this, but a dedicated youtube channel (Maybe not for everything, but still make one) would allow for more simple and effective PR. It wwould be easy to see what the organisation is, it could be used by multiple people thus we could try and get it to be run more constantly (not too neccisary now, but if we grow the question answering etc may become a rather large task). Also would allow a way to merge all of the various dev videos and channels into a condensed format (as in "lets check in with person x" or "Progress update on project y" )

Also i understand rural bandwith is TERRIBLE, so that introduces issues, and the content matters more than these subtleties when it comes down to it, but aesthetics can be important for the first impression of our group. Simplest thing would be 1080p (preferrably 60fps) as the standard upload quality. This is almost a standard on today's youtube, and seems to be becoming a hardware minimum (webcams are mostly 1080p and up for external, some 720p). Also lighting and stuff like that can help. Yet again NOT required (Fancy video doesn't make your designs magically better) but it aids pr which will grow our development and follower base, which is a major need long term.

Kind of ranting here, but those are my thoughts/rants on this topic, and i will now go get started!

--Eric (talk) 18:22, 20 Febuary 2020 (UTC)

For timelapse the raspberry pi is a really good option, you can make very affordable devices such as here - - or the same thing using the Pi Cam HQ which is higher quality and uses interchangeable lens (c-mount fitting). Great for very long duration filming and can be accessed remotely to view recent activity. The pi can also host various sensors, automatically update websites, control devices, etc - lots of info at www, which is my project but there's loads of other options also such as Motion which can record timelapse and record live events - great for a trail cam type build.

--TimeTravPrag (talk) 14:42, 14 November 2020 (UTC)