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Two points in the truck concept need probably rethinking

- wheelbase of the truck for agricultural purposes there is a need to use a short wheelbase; for efficient handling in fieldwork and a short wheelbase provides more stability when lifting attached equipment. But with thus a short wheelbase the payload area needs to be very short,making efficient use in transportation impossible. Also those Unimogs are available with different wheelbases; the short one for fieldwork and significantly longer wheelbases for transportation offroad

- hydraulic drive vehicles like a Unimog have a very large speed range, 2-60mph To provide the necessary torque at low speeds, the traction motors have to be very large to develop enough torque. This design will be inefficient when operating at high speeds because the hydraulic motors would be operated on the road at very low pressure with a very low efficiency. The use of a gearbox should be something to think seriously about