Open Source Truck Concept

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Bold textWe are currently pursuing an open source truck in the like of the Mercedes Unimog:

  • Top speed of 60 mph
  • Equipped with suspension
  • Capable of handling extreme off-road conditions
  • Equipped with front and rear power take-off, hydraulic take-off, and quick attach mounting plate for hydraulic heavy and rotary equipment such as backhoe, loader, power generator, hammermill, pelletizer, and any agricultural, utility, and construction equipment that is already avialable for the Tractor or Microtractor
  • Dual utility for agricultural and transportation uses
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Quick attach Power Cube
  • 27-270 hp models
  • Eventually powered with Modern Steam Engine


  • Instead of one vehicle, it should be a family of subassemblies that can be put together into different vehicles.

An example of the varying sizes of vehicles that could be produced with the same basic components: