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Solar Thermal Water Heater work Great for this. At least here in Florida! (Although if you are in some polar place you probably aren't going to be having a pool, at least an outdoor one! Evacuated Solar Thermal Tubes could maybe pull something off though.

Also the NEC had a section on these or something, i can probably grab that and dump the info on this page sometime.

--Eric (talk) 16:52, 24 June 2023 (UTC)

It probably covers what it needs to, so i don't mean to step on any toes, but being a former year round competitive swimmer and general water-lover i'd l o v e an Olympic-Size Swimming Pool , so in the future i'll geek out on the tech behind swimming pools and make this page a part of all that and finish it all out. I'll mark the page as unfinished to help me find it in the future for that.

But fun ideas on the note of OS Pool Stuff:

  • Something like a SPIRE (Sports Facility) but open source (Could maybe slap that onto the Open Source Anti-Walmart thing one day!)
  • Some sort of Dive Well / SCUBA Training Pool is a neat "module" as well
    • And if we get into UUV development would have a test pool all to ourselves
    • Could probably bring one to a public pool if you ask to be honest, but i digress
    • I also have this idea i had for a water park somewhat inspired by a mix of Aquatica's "Lazy River as Transit" (Although one is moreso a rapid river...), Surf Lake 's Artificial Wave Pool, and that (former east-) german water park in a former Airship Hangar, but make it a Geodesic Dome / Monolithic Dome
      • You'd have a MASSIVE surf lake in the middle, then a beach kind of area, then a "transit" ring with various stops
      • Transit Rings would be the higher speed water, bridges over for those spooked by that
      • The next "ring" would be your "Splash Park" type area, but due to the ring nature you could make it MASSIVE and all interconnected which would be aesthetically really neat (and fun for the kiddos i'd imagine, may make finding them more chaotic lol)
      • Then another "transit ring"
      • Next layer would be Water Slides
      • The layer outside of this would be a proper slow "lazy river"
      • Then outside that you would have your Food/Souvenir areas, Restrooms, and connections to other rooms (if indoors, which it would optimally be. No need for Sunscreen and can maybe even do Indoor Pool Water Recovery / Indoor Pool Chlorine Recovery to save costs)
      • Also if indoors you could do some sort of thing akin to "Grad Bash" at Universal in Florida etc where you open at different hours for a specific age braket, no kids running around, could have DMX Lights and effects going quality time.
  • I'm rambling and getting waaaaay off topic / To-Do List , but i've been meaning to Document this for a while in case i never get around to it / disappear or something
  • (And if Surf Lakes or anyone with money tracks this down, email me lol) (and i CC-Attribution this idea dammit!)
  • Rambling over

Wave Pool in the middle