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Marcin should i attempt to wikifi the "50 GVCS tools" of this page? --Eleftherios Kosmas 14:05, 19 February 2011 (PST)

Missing Links in the Open Source Bakery

There is no flour mill, but a combine and a bakery oven. Thus there is a missing link in between this two parts of the GVCS! --Andig 15:14, 30 October 2011 (CET)

I am doing some MAJOR chat necromancy here (don't know if you @ User:Andig are even around here anymore) , but (at least small scale) Whole Wheat Flour producing mills are somewhat accessible and easy to disassemble. I'll have to dig a bit on all this. I did stumble upon the Unifine Mill the other day ~~hopefully that isn't locked down by IP though~~.

On the note of 3D Printed Electrical Fittings

  • If done right i'd see no problem with them, given PVC Conduit and PVC Conduit Fittings are a thing already
  • Heck if you used some of the filaments that meet all the FAA's FST and OSU Tests you would be safer than PVC due to that emitting chlorine gas / chlorine compounds when burned
  • HOWEVER, if i remember correctly the NEC is very particular about stuff being "Listed" (Basically made in a facility that is trusted due to and/or the products tested and given that UL Certification / CE Certification etc )
  • Basically it just makes sure people don't use products that end up being so low quality they cause catastrophic failures / cause faults that cause one long term
  • I'll look and see if there are exceptions for 3D Printed Components, especially fittings, given their minor nature
  • The only concern i could really see is internal Surface Finish effecting the Conductors fed through by shredding insulation
  • That and/or they melt when the wire is near the upper end of it's Ampacity
  • Both seem unlikely though
  • Worse Case Scenario could ask one of the experts but yeah.

Just posting this as that is an area where we may want to be cautious (granted that is probably years off, assuming you are using menards parts as of now?)

--Eric (talk) 21:59, 24 May 2023 (UTC)