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Connector Rod Coupler

  • It might be useful to label the various components of the coupler so it is easier to follow the instructions. I'm finding it difficult to even discuss the drawing and instructions without labels. I think the instructions could also be made clearer if the components were labeled since the position of the components could be given relative to each other (e.g. "Drill hole C on the face perpendicular to slot on the same end of the coupler.")
  • The depth of the connector rod hole would be useful on the final drawing.
  • The dimensions of the slot would be useful on the final drawing.
  • The final drawing should probably also show the sequence of steps to fabricate the slot (first show the 0.25" hole being drilled, then the slot being cut to meet the hole).
  • Showing the End of Piston Stem and how it relates to the coupler is very helpful.
  • All the dimensions look correct and the dimensions of the coupler all seem to accommodate the piston stem.