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Hello everybody, I'm Lodovico from Italy. I have just read all this section cause I'm working too in a similar project. In a encyclopedia written by the DeAgostini in 2000 I've see a table of the efficiency of Rankine cycle for steam engine

Saturated steam Single cylinder: 0,52 - 0,68 Compound 0,60 - - Triple Exp. 0,64 - -

Hyper heated steam (start over 400°C-673,15°K-752°F) Single cylinder: 0,65 - 0,79 Compound 0,70 - - Triple Exp. 0,73 - -

First result it's with condenser, second it's without.

Hope it will help.

Personally I prefer work on triple or quadruple expansion, this engine are a little bit more complicated but have more efficiency. I didn't find any electrical valve that can work with high temperature and pressure, so I think I will work with (I don't know if it is call like that in English) rods and rocker arms, or camshaft with desmodromic valve.. The only problem it's that I will not be able for a perfect timing of opening and closing valve, but I keep working to find a solution