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I'd have to check the specifics, but that cost seems similar to FSCJ. Also outside of the god level people who did that and a night job (or normal job and night school) having that pay would be above the community colledge route.

In terms of pay, it is probaly fine (and again from the perspective of a young (single) person seeking education, as stated above the pay is an added plus vs school alone). The only comparison i can think of is the IBEW Union's Learn as you Earn program. I can document the specifics on that sometime.

Finally in terms of cost, at least here in florida, Tulsa Welding School costs 20,000+ for their Welding Program, so even 6,000 is Reasonable! (They also have Electrician, and HVAC Technician Programs as well, despite the name)

My Only Minor Caveat playind devil's advocate would be that in theory TWS would have experts, and especially for welding that may be worth paying for. My personal opinion on that is that this is false due to 1: A PILE of Great Welders who can even do GTAW Pipe Welding (ie not just FCAW in basic positons) came out of my class at FSCJ for the low cost, and without some famous teacher 2: In some of the reviews it was written that some sites saw it as a "Puppy Mill for Welders" (ie Quantity over Quality). Granted i am obviously biased i would say "Booth Time" for welding, or just Hands On Learning Hours are key for these types of things more than anything.

SO TLDR as long as all things are run smoothly, and especially after a few years of that happening (RE Technology Adoption Life Cycle / Technology Adoption Curve ), as long as word gets out, and depending on the amount of local demand and TWS Locations Near FeF + Community Colledges Near FeF even Non-"OS Nerds" could start to see it as a good route.