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Tue Jun 11, 2024

  • Pay as you go consultancy.
  • Nonbinding arbitration. Arbitrator rules.
  • Triasl
  • Advice, research, prep - not trial
  • Discovery + arbitration - sta
  • Mediation - brief to mediator. Look for what is reasonable. They bring everyone together. FIrst half of day. Most time with least reasonable. Because they have to move them the furthest.
  • Arbitration with discovery -
  • 20-30 hrs prep for mediation
  • Full day in mediation
  • Arbitration - hundreds of hours. 120 hr
  • Court case - 200
  • Sue for frivolous lawsuit


  • Sturgeon's Law
  • Payscale Whitepaper
  • Why doesn't horizontal integration work for the big guys? Coord proble. $120k vs $25k. Why doesn't vert integration work for them? Because they don't collaborate - separate divisions - with specialized talent. Meaning labor is 2x-10x. And automation doesn't work - it makes things more expensive unless mass production is used. We are in custom production.
  • Horiz and vert works only in lean orgs
  • Why doesn't everyone teach 10 trades? Employees want single skill. No continuing education exists. Structural reform would be needed.
  • Why don't small customers builders do it? They still hire out. There are few of them. There is no education for this. They are not knowledge workers.
  • Thus, a knowledge worker:
    • Uses a computer
    • Can count - finances
    • Requires art of creativity, which is hard for most people. Must be a designer.
  • 5 leghed dog - build, design including creative, teacher, entrepreneur, policy. Open and collaborative is the culture
  • It seems biggest block is disciplinary education.
    • An the second level problem with disciplinary education is that by structure, it neglects learning how to learn - because it is not necessary for insect-lije jobs! And, it is hard.
    • What do we learn? Start with high goals, and phase into it in a competency-based fashion.
  • It seems integrated skillset should be $250/hr teachable.
  • Accompanied by post-scarcity villages that do this.
  • We should be able to come up with a model that saves say a hundred k and invests half of that into product quality and the other half to lower cost. Or we capture the lower cost, because the customer is already getting higher value. 50/50 is fair - higher value/OSE value capture.
  • Key insight - PV, energy, Tesla, Amazon - they all look like knowledge work, but they are really the old biz model (centralization, specialization) masquerading as knowledge work. Yes there are info economy elements, but the core is old school scarcity (not knowledge)
  • Key to $250/hr is starting on the factory floor, building up ALL skill set, ending in 'c suite's - on the job learning. No outside management. Must understand design deeply, to come me up with design integration.
    • Professionalanagers not allowed
  • Summary - explain why universities do not teach learning how to learn' and 'how to learn everything'. Insects - is answer to both
  • We are looking for New Collar people

Tue Jun 4, 2024

Tue Apr 23, 2024

Wanna learn to build just about anything? Do you want to work on improving the world - full time for a living? We have a $100k work study apprenticeship opportunity that will enable to do just that

For the last 20 years, we've been running a civilization construction experiment. Now is your chance to learn all that we know - in a college-level program of 4 years. So if you are questioning whether college is worth it - you will be blown away by what's coming.

You learn to build homes, and when you are not building - you will be learning how to learn - which is the most fundamental skill but it is not taught in college. We also teach enterprise with a purpose - because wo are all about building a world that we would all like to live in. Thus, if you get a solid foundation in analyzing and solving problems - you're on your way to reclaiming your genius, finding your true calling. Welcome to the world open collaborative enterprise.

2 days of the week - we build. These are 9 hour days - in four 15 minute presentations. This is either in the field building real homes, or in our laboratory - the Rapid Learning Facility. 2 days - we learn how to learn. And on the 5th day - we study the Art of Possibility: learning surveys of all topics, and Knowledge Architectures for different sectors of civilization.

Tue Apr 16, 2024

  • THTAHT - is psychology the toughest part?
  • Describe your structure and how you reorganized for better communication at each step at each scale say from one to 100 to a thousand to 10,000?
  • Is waste primarily comms waste?
  • How much waste do you have
  • What mechanisms do you use to communicate?
  • Are your processes about communication?
  • What is the key barrier to effective communication?
  • What is your single most important mechanism for communication?
  • Wanted to work better with a fractal design of the organization?
  • Do you have Global sales and other departments or are they all local?
  • Would you want your employees to be multi-skilled geniuses, and what is the limit to multiple roles in each person?
  • How do you scale in order to function like a startup at all scales?
  • If it's fractal and modular, how do you prevent defection?


  • Psychology - will was not sufficient for Steve to push through
  • Project with Adobe - they will want us to put in cash

Sat Mar 23, 2024

Knowledge Kernel Calculation.

Mar 13, 2024

  • 5 year anniversary.

Mar 19, 2024

  • TRO time
  • Trust the Process - Possibility Doc - [1]

Feb 27, 2024

Feb 20, 2024

Feb 12, 2024


  • Clarify what problem I'm trying to solve for with Crew of 24?
    • Affording education? $5k/semester, earn min of 10 hr/week min wage work study? With 10 hr at no skill - $6k/yr. With 10 hr skill - $12k. With 10 hr extreme skill - $18k.
    • Curiosity, openness to learning in candidates?
    • Existing talent, vs true education = drawing out the genius
    • Openness to genius?
    • Class mixer, different interests?
    • Difficulty of the program, as it will be demanding?
    • Recruiting - getting the word out there?
    • Difficulty of generating revenue with novices? Solved by years of design.


  • How to innovate on the 'self funded university research group' concept that is accessible to anyone because of a robust funding mechanism?
  • Risk assessment session - how to make a convivial setting where I feel great about being supported (economy of affection) while delegating the cross of Jesus to those who rise in responsibility
  • Key to economy of affection is simply abundance mindset, with revenue models not based on scarcity thinking - is this achievable?
  • Importance - to prove feasibility of an economy based on full collaboration, as a model for New Type of Work - where collaboration is the norm.
  • Requires societal mindshift to do this Edge of Knowledge School?
  • How to design Edge of Knowledge edu program be both Genius track and self-funding, which is a requirement for mass creation of genius? Ie, not only the monied have the opportunity.
  • How do we transition this model to innovate the university research group - ie, cutting edge + funded? What is the main block in attaining compatibility between revenue and innovation?
  • Main risk to cultural buy-in with the Class Mixer = Edge of knowledge -> 3 days to 1 or 5
  • What are the foreseeable challenges of forking to 1 or 5?
  • What is the maximum number that we can handle in the first cohort? Is there an advantage to 24, or should we go for 36-48, or 12 for better chance of success, if we can afford extra recruiting time?
  • If we give $500 stipend, 10 hour per week - is it a good design to let those who need to work more to work full time?
  • How to position the Edge of Knowledge to funders?
  • What are the main cultural alignment risks (worldchanger and Art of Possibility) for the students? (Solution is Design-for-Success of things we build that work)

Jan 9, 2024


  • Article - before sold, it is our story.
  • Promisemaking in public
  • Realtor, Zillow


  • Check.pngMarketing - [2]
  • Check.pngWhat is the correct mix between Continuing Education Track + builders only? How exactly do we position?
    • Phase-in after 6 month of nothing but build? Competency based. Assumes 6 months, 2 houses at a time after first one.
    • Or, we do both at the same time, with 4x10 schedule, 2 days for school?
    • Or, we do 50/50 study/build. Addresses future needs most effectively. Requires curriculum prerequisite.
    • Preference: position as 4 year, with 1st year you 'pay your dues' to learn, then go 50/50 with curriculum. Advantage: gives time to fund/develop curriculum (Designer -> Project Book for customization)
    • Check.pngSecond preference: 4 year program, with competency-based curriculum where you can transition to 50/50 work/study as soon as you are competent. Incentive for rapid learning.
  • Is Feb 15 timeframe for interior finish realistic? 43 interior modules, inverter, kitchen, bath, beadboard, insulation, trim, paint, outlets + lights, doors paint, floor, baseboard. Final touchup, possibly a few trees.
  • Do we put up a for sale sign with 'coming soon'? Argument for No, we do self-tour infrastructure, and address 'I want to buy now'
  • Do we invest into tree spade right now - extra into evergreen trees for landscape? Esp at back? Good for weather, good for looks.
  • Which elements of Seed Eco-Home Collaborative Marketing do we implement for Maysville?


  • 24x * $20k, pilot in MO + NE + OK + KS. 2 year and 4 year certificate + springboard to full Civilization Construction and Design. Revenue goes to 2 years of build, 2 years of construction management with drafting, documentation generation, blueprints experience.
    • 2 one week swarms each year, invited to a select location while camping with power tools - with students taking on roles in the events with competency based certification. Certification 1-4 detail for what they will learn.
    • Successful candidates start with us at Top of the Pay Scale in construction at $32/hr at the 2 year mark pending successful completion of the 4 swarms. Students invest study time + the 4 events.
  • Design/Build Book - design rationale for how everything is designed and built. This is the explanations. Codes Book - the critical elements that we use, about 50 pages of condensed information is included covering all relevant codes, and a Sample General Contractor Exam.
  • Sufficient funding for FreeCAD Automated Designers, and Seed Eco-Home Project Book, based on 10 thousands of pictures and thousands of pages of design documentation that we already have. We will put it together into a ~500 page builder book. At 2 years, top in builder industry, at 4 years, either drafting or

Dec 14, 2023

Pitch for mass replication at tech schools:

  • Curriculum added to 19 of the 4 year Native American Colleges out of 35 colleges.
  • Funding goes to a quality program
  • Program is marketed to the college: we provide promo materials, OBI website, offers
  • It costs extra for tuition, shared 50/50 with the college
    • course materials and exams are online
    • cost covers Office Hours scheduled weekly. Also covers individual Q&A session
    • Course includes week of Spring Breaks for Swarm Build (12 signups minimum) for an immersion experience. 2 hrs school, 6 hrs build per day.
    • House is a special Affordable House provided to help a family in need
    • Outcome is a viable business for Tom's Shoes of housing
  • Funding request:
    • Concept website (OBI site upgrade) with various assets
    • SEH Project Book with 4 assets:
      • 1) project book (all the construction details, plans, cheat sheets and process sequencing for each specific project - it should contain everything a builder needs to build this project);
      • 2) how to build manual (learn to build);
      • 3) how to design manual (learn to design); Design Guide - 1000 hrs of content dev, 20 trades, ~200 modules
    • Online Designer, Blueprint Generator, Foundation Designer, Module Designer which teaches
    • CAD and Python for modification - advanced
    • Part Libraries - for everyone
    • Automatic BOM generator
    • Online part ordering with 3D printing from trash - online automated infrastructure
  • Other funding:

Tue Nov 7, 2023


Tue Sep 19, 2023


  • belonging
  • Problem statement - recruit educated creatives who are good designers, such as young YouTubers or others as such who are inspired by progressive innovation, but not necessarily rednecks. For these people, we need 'attraction'. Proposed:
  • 3D Printing Innovation - towards $100k infrastructure of recycling - 3D printers, filament maker off the shelf, and shredder. We buy these then open source them.
  • Printing house parts is part of the job.
  • Aquaponics -
  • Tractors - build them.
  • The question is - how not to overload learners?

See more at Responsible Utopia v1

Sep 11, 2023

  • roll the money, becomes self-sustiaining part of offer
  • We buy land and houses -
  • $1M to $2M to 4 to 8
  • Urgency message - multiply faster
  • Model - materials plus land - your $1M is funding me at $2M
  • Not the money that I spent but rolled.
    • $1M in an account - materials plus land. I'll show you how, we
  • Every turn we double -
  • $1M to $4M - in 18 months, 2 yrs, Quadruple the cash.
  • How.
  • Play into his passion - showing how to make money.

Tue Aug 29, 2023


  • Emotional Intelligence - self awareness test is found in the book.
  • Louis Farakhan was a jew hating racist

Key Question

  • Hire builders
  • Get cash flow
  • As we gain cash flow, start the education program curriculum, putting in revenue into curriculum building.


See also Moral Intelligence - a term coined only in 2005.

I ran into a central concept of moral intelligence. For perspective:

In 1990, the concept of emotional intelligence was published. About 20 years later, academia recognized its dark side, as in Hitler was emotionally intelligent - but he used the skill for complete evil purposes. The missing link was moral intelligence - what is right and wrong.

In 2005, the concept of moral intelligence was published. Fascinating, because it is central today - such as the current situation in the USA, and USA folly in terms of Ukraine right now. Society never learned this topic, and Churchill summarized the lack of learning  when WW2 ended - 'How the Great Democracies Triumphed, and so Were able to Resume the Follies Which Had so Nearly Cost Them Their Life'. The answer here may be moral intelligence, but at that time, we weren't in a place to appreciate moral intelligence as scarcity was too powerful.

The important part for us is the moral intelligence, and not emotional or cognitive intelligence - is the central intelligence because moral intelligence facilitates emotional and coginitive intelligence.

The practical point is rapid learning. The key to rapid learning appears to be moral intelligence. Because moral intelligence gives the motivation and drive, which can manifest in rapid learning. I certainly relate to this, as I was driven by moral purpose throughout my learning, and I think I could learn faster because of moral drive. Thus, as we design our curriculum, it must focus on moral intelligence as a basic skill.

This gets into storytelling, something you mentioned I must learn. What is the story we tell, around a hard-to-believe operational model? 

In our call, maybe we can discuss how we first define a claer and realistic operational model, and a compelling story. I think we need good clarity on this as we start to scale, otherwise we don't know where we are going? So here is a current operating model proposed:


  • Moral intelligence is the source of deep purpose (conation) and rapid learning, because moral, as opposed to cognitive or emotional intelligence, is the central intelligence that drives the others.
  • We create Abundance Curriculum, in which moral intelligence is one of the key learnings.
  • The model of change is creating a replicable model for 24 person builder cohorts, training to be civilization builders.
    • Key challenge is closing the gap between brute builders and visionaries - how to roll this out when the builders and 'civilization innovators' are typically not the same person?
    • 'Proving the model' must involve proving retention, which is not guaranteed if people are not engaged in learning. We need to close the gap between 'builder' and 'civilization innovator' through ongoing education. Thus, what is the work-study model?

Model: hire 6 Builders, prove the basic building program. As the construction side gets to be proven, we develop curriculum, open the 'civilization builder Apprenticeship'. Builders can stay 100% building, or they can transition to 50-50 building-learning. Apprentices engage in 50-50 building-learning from the start.

  • Basic apprentice model- 1000 hours work, 1000 hours of immersion study each year. We pay from low to high at the person's pace of learning, with pay corresponding to competency. There is a motivation there to learn, via extrinsic reward. You practice as much as you want on your own time, for a win-win situation, to raise your pay. You re-test competency on an ongoing basis so we have data on learning capacity and rate. We invest in Rapid Learning Capacity. There is school, paid, and volunteer work - school is high quality curriculum you pay for. Your work schedule is intended to get you to Mastery as a Master Builder, at which point you can move on to managing crews (4 year expected time). Master Builder can take the Blueprints, and execute at 80-100% of optimal documented performance. Optimum is defined as data-verified production rate with proper infrastructure, jigs, tools. The theoretical part that the Master Builder needs to know is understanding what 'optimal' means for any build process: documentation wise, process wise, tool wise, etc. Understanding the distinction in terms of allowing open, distributed production. We start with hands-on building in the apprenticeship at the same time as the theoretical learning happens, so that we can provide optimal learning rates without overloading students. Overload is a serious issue to consider, as our core is pushing the limits of direct learning (hands on) optimization that is also scalable to the average person. Thus we will always be operating at the edge.
  • Promise is Mastery Learning. In 4 years one masters construction. Promise is 'Construction Manager, at top pay scales in the industry.'
  • Graduate study followsthe first 4 years - another 4 years of 'grad school.' I believe that in 8 years, we create a genius civilization builder who can replicate operations. They have mastered moral intelligence, and have the skills to design and build anything because they learned a wide, diverse skill set.
  • The value generation is: outside of teaching, each 1000 hours of build is net worth $100k in house production by semi-skilled builders under 'optimal guidance' as above. Thus, this model builds in significant bootstrap funding capacity, after initial startup.

Tue Jul 25, 2023

Tue Jul 18, 2023


  1. Price disruption for DIY. Cost affordable, unprecedented. Like the first personal computer.
  2. Small enterprise.
  3. Urban renewal
  4. Transition housing - like gov't programs
  • Successful entrepreneur- it's a psychographic that we look for. We look for a person fearing financial dependence.
  • Used to be 400k licensed carpenters at some time.
  • Unlesss you are the market, you benefit from the market.

Tue Jul 11, 2023

Update on Milestones and Provable Predictions:

Presentation -

Tue May 23, 2023

  • Competitor is 5x s size
  • Content first
  • Carbon footprint

Tue May 16, 2023

Tue May 9, 2023

  • OSE Doctrine of Collaboration - just like Harkness education has a doctrine
  • Solve bigger problems, and better. How. End up at a fully distributed collaborative environment.
  • Vision.
  • Mission
  • How. Through a collaborative operating sytem, for financial independence.
  • What makes people want to make constant improvement.
  • Changing.
  • You don't work for us. You work with us. Success can be financial, number of homes build. For new workers, bring others into ecosystem - they are rewarded.
  • Opportunity to build their own teams.
  • We are a way of working.

Tue May 2, 2023

  • Modular, integrated, accessible house design ecosystem for enterprise replication
  • Modular design language for integrated house design and enterprise replication.
  • Modular design and accessible product ecosystems for replicable housing enterprise.
  • Modular design language and accessible tools for optimized housing enterprise.
  • Modular and accessible langauage and tools for optimized house design and enterprise replication.
  • Modular language for efficient house design and enterprise replication.


  • Optimizing by open collaboration
  • Key outcome is enterprise replication: DIY builds, DIY kits, build entrepreneurs, corporate charity or teambuilding swarm events
  • Modular design is the enabler
  • Must be integrated - we add elements because they still work in the model (PV, aquaponics, hydrogren production, home microfactory, eco landscape) so we don't reinforce mediocrity. It is core to our belief that an improved business model allows us to continue a virtuous loop on product quality which is simply impossible for companies that spend energy on competitive waste instead of collaborative integration.


Performance (talent), no assholes, and trust first. Then what kind of relationship you are getting into:

  • icon - I work with jesus
  • ego - cool brand. work for company that stands for something.
  • financial
  • I can have a large impact, without me you'll take longer - the employee says = partnership. I'm coming as I think I can be a partner
  • For you: Ground Floor - I was employee 3 at apple. I want to get on the train as soon as it's rolling. I want a good seat.

How about 6: true mentor? Or to learn? Stepping stone to other things? Or 'your freedom is tied up with mine?'

About the above.

  • Must know which of the 5 you are getting into otherwise you don't know how to handle the relationship well
  • None of the 5 are good or bad - proper management of each determines how useful the specific relationship is
  • Even partners - they will want to run the program, will compete with one another, etc. So 'parters' as an example can be bad if not managed properly.
  • I have to know the relationship - and how to manage that style for mission alignment
  • Predominance of any of the 5 determines your culture as a culture of the predominant aspect. Best culture will be a mix.
  • Effective management of a 'bad culture' still means that you have bad culture, so that needs to be addressed? Culture must naturally become benign.
  • Proposed panacea to deal with all 5 is growth culture, which is assumed on hiring. As a person becomes more of an integrated human, they become more self-managing and rise in their leadership practice
  • Culture must be benign to create more benign culture - a specific culture will attract more of the same culture. Thus, early cultural identity is important and first hiring decisions must be made most deliberately

Thu Apr 27, 2023

Definition of Success

  • Steve - definition of success
  • Prove the model
  • What is the model
  • Model was the economic reason to believe
    • Financial independence
    • Can be fast, so we can prove
  • Milestone - i think we will make $ on first home. Failure is home deoesn't work. Fail is $200k sale, $300 cost. Fail to prove the model.
  • Milestones - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Prove: here it is. Here is the time.
  • Yes! Still the same. But who is gonna build House 2 with me?

Hedgehog Concept

  • Collaborative open enterprise culture for for an inclusive economy of abundance
  • 'Solving pressing world issues' - can paralyze rather than inspire.
  • Vision is what we want to become.
  • Hedgehog is what we do, be best at
  • Pressing world issues - different opinions on what that is
  • Uniting around something big like this -
  • Open collaborative enterprise culture
  • Ex - oceans for all for ever.
  • Vision - who we want to be. Can sustain many mission statements.
  • Mission - where we are going. We want to be like this so we can get to there. Hedgehog is more mission.
  • Collaborative open enterprise culture for access everywhere
  • Collaborative open enterprise culture for (everyone as in inclusive) for an (economy of abundance)
  • for an inclusive economy of abundance.
  • Home breakthroughs:
    • Disrupts trades
    • Cost
    • For sure not the rich
    • Applicable Business purposes
    • Applicable to DiY purposes
  • Strategy builds around vision.

Tue Apr 11, 2023

  • is distributed production really coming?
  • Insatiable desire - any - is the greed he has.
  • Filtering for the passion. Skill must be there, though.

Mon Apr 3, 2023

Tue Jan 10, 2023


Tue Jan 3, 2022


  • What do I need to up my game?
  • What is the growth structure of an org like OSE, that leverages physical workers with option of lifelong learning to advnace over one's lifetime?
  • How is the enterprise route different? Is it with expectation of defection?
    • Note - everyone just waits for product.

Review Feb 21, 2023

  • 2 choices:
    • Are we developers who hire more developers? Then OSE buys land etc and does world work. AND OR...
    • Do we create a physical location campus where people are not employees of OSE but people who have been taught how to be financially indep.
  • 'Because: employees messaging (first one) is much different than messaging to entrepreneurs (second one)
  • Thus how do we market to entrepreneurs.
  • Prove that collab works first, then prove that OSE-X works?
  • Work to live, vs live to work.
  • OSE can hire pro people and build. That is one biz model.
  • Another biz model is develop an entrepreneurial track. - FIRE with solving housing
  • Steve suggests Model 1 - hire people as skilled labor. Pay them market. Unless there is a financial reason to pay at top of scale - because they produce more.
  • Nothing to do with collab. Just proving the econ model.
  • 4 builds was enterprise program.
  • For $5-10M, 6-8 builds to prove.
  • House price lower for America.
  • Make the better for ME better for the WHOLE. But, does that prove collaboration, transcendence, or sublimation?
  • Don't pay someone for the benefit that you give them. How is that consistent with abundance?
  • Reset the market - once we build fast enough.
  • Why didn't open source succeed with hardware? Greed - conclusion after a few months
  • If collab works - proof point.
  • Need to prove BFC (better faster cheaper) - otherwise it's hypothetical, or high risk
  • So we start with lifetime design drill - which allows for modular add-on? Upgrade and update. Competitive. Organized/deigned through swarm.
    • Economic realty?Can it be done?
    • How much does it cost?
    • Can we bring it to market?
  • For last point - distributed workforce. Builders were also the distributors. Designers->distributors-> build. We broker relationships to retailers.
  • Then we morphed to Solving Biggest Problem.
  • BC drill is a small peanut. Not a sexy launch.
  • House does it.
  • 3-4 houses per year for $200k/year
  • But not open collab. Solo warrior.
  • Cost of proving - high.
  • We decided on 2. 1 was dismountable. Second was on site permanent.
  • Let's build the first on site.
  • But then we found building the one on site was brutal. For reasons that are clear.
  • It's difficult to shortcut the proof point.
  • 1. Build affordable? yes
  • 2. Edu module for builders? yes
  • 3. Campus - for solving problems
  • 4. School -
  • Compelling check box - greed - financial independence
  • Most compelling is work for yourself, not for OSE.
  • If we put in $100k, we make $50k more. 4 per year is $200k.
  • Financial reason to collaborate - improvement for local condition, etc.
  • Collab will come from the entrepreneurs - but the question of defection still bugs me. Because all the examples of productized OH to date have done this. Let's take 2 cases such as Prusa. They just bought up Printed Solid for USA distribution.


  • Hiring - 20 full time employees. $50/hr - not. There has to be an economic reason for paying higher. Hire market rate.
  • Steve suggests hiring as a developer. No collabo, training, etc. Completely independent.
  • We eat the inefficiency, and develop with suckas.
  • OSE can hire skilled labor. We can finance R&D etc. Developer route depends on hiring pro skill.
  • Solicit for employees, vs entrepreneur to be ambitious.
  • Greed must incentivize the collabo. We must create the platform for sharing that.
  • If I am somebody who shows up - for every dollar, I get 150%. Put in $100k, make $150k.
  • More compelling is work for yourself. Greed - 'i solve housing'
  • After we develop the model (escrow closes) - do we want to be builders? Yes? Two- packaged financial model to spread this. Third - campus. To solve problems for the world. School to hire peep to work for us. Doesn't check greed box: to be financially independent. Big deal will be job security.
  • Practice build of home - did not work with programmers.
  • That evolved to the economic model: building in the wild.
  • Other part is training. One is: 'here it is' built.
  • Big financial - large cost - rebuilt house. Another is permanent structure.
  • Swarm idea - to address the team. All me. Can it be better with os. Large ability to collaborate is in question.
  • Then idea - shitty part was no team.
  • Good was audaciousness.
  • Big giant step, but also a greater level of financial certainty.
  • SHifted from cordless drill (small problem) to large problem - housing.
  • We were looking at the cordless drill. Partner designers, we broker a relationship of manufacturers. Benefit from invention and monetize.
  • Initial idea was os drill. Replace parts with 3DP, upgrade, competitive.
  • Proof - better faster stronger, in place of current. Proof point. Until then it's hypothetical, and thus risk.
  • Thus - how do we convince people that value with OS - speed, value, economic + social is possible.
  • Why is open hardware not dominating? Like OSS? Greed.
  • Walled gardens created via OSS.

Tue Oct 18, 2022

  • $200k for seo website, shopping cart (application and acceptance interactive)
  • $2-250 for badass website with SEO built in.
  • 750k - primarily goes to media - 240 , google, yahoo, fb, whatever.
  • Always in recruitment mode - so when one class is done, next one is ready
  • Management of advertising - Steve -
  • Cousin and hus run web marketing
  • $4k COCA for 250 people 1 year after Apprenticeship. $1M gets us 250 people - but revenue is $1M/24, or $10M - so marketing costs are 10%.

Tue Oct 11, 2022

  • Broker for multiple companies - represents multiple companies

Tue Sep 20, 2022

  • Free land is in!

Tue Sep 6, 2022

Aug 30, 2022

  • 30 day escrow is part of the offer.
  • Get a realtor. Seller pays, even FSBO. Zero downside. Just write the spec.
    • Raw?
    • Shovel ready?

Aug 23, 2022

Aug 2, 2022

  • Short term pain - for needing help. Long commitment based on immediate needs of staff.
  • As few hires out of emergency
  • Ongoing internship program with 4 major universities. Guest lectures 2x at each university.
  • Try before you buy - 9 week internship program.
  • 1 veto rule, group interview hire process.
  • Not one - but 2 interviews. More time. Frustrating with 1 person veto.
  • For OSE - equivalent is builders?
  • Downside - lose candidates - 25% of them. They get hired elsewhere.
  • Old way - 50-60 attrition, now 20%
  • When dating - books on introducing somebody in - all books say - if you bring a new person into - make
  • Not hiring but adopting!
  • In build event - ambition, intelligence, attitude + confidence (attitude), intelligence. Ambition - excitement. About what event can lead to. Critique of process, noticing things and initiative.
  • If Steve has a party - it should be friends. It didn't start as friends, as the power dynamic.
  • Build your friends.
  • External third party audits.
  • Screen for friendship.
  • Cultural bias for promotion from within.
  • In order to be promoted, you do talent development for your team.
  • 10 day build - be transparent on next opportunity.
  • We have looked at an industry ubiquitous in every community. There are meaningful numbers of people that make $ off resid. real estate. We're at a point in history where it's never been more affordable. THis is detrimental to people building, to people living in communities... It's all dependent on a home (an asset). Imagine if we could rethink the layers of profit in a way that allows people who are willing to have the time and energy to build - without high priced trades - with cost - that allows whatever community - where you build and sell at or below market price. High quality, enviro conscious, and have equity. Instead of price climbing, you shift people to accesss, not all rental. Creating jobs - but a percentage of the profit. Franchise model - is benefit of percent of profit. We provide access to the designs and support necessary. Kits, plans, etc, OS, transparent. Reverse the price of housing.
  • $150k. Yes, you can do it... Resale value. And expandable (modular).
  • We're not competing with the teardowns
  • Clarity on where we are competing. the $400k house. $150 teardown vs $200k new. Not the same thing.

July 26, 2022

  • "That view on the wall is so faded it are of no use. Thanks I found a better video. You seem very unsure at times what to do what, and how to do it. At times you even get it wrong."
  • Seed_Eco-Home_Roadmap#2022 -support infrastructure? Limit to scaling?
    • Cash flow - $16k x 25= $300k
    • Dropout Rate?
    • Registration - 25? 50?
  • Critique of What Got You Here - the adding too much value
  • Storytelling - understand something that otherwise would not understand.
  • Steve tells stories and examples - not direct answer.
  • Storytelling vs Possibility - distinction
  • 80/20 on the utopia - talk about the story - 80%, and 20% - the utopia.
    • Focus
  • "Don't be a long snapper!
  • The most experienced guys in a company go first at a downturn - they get highest pay - and lose their job first as younger guys get paid less. Not an issue in OSE model as we have many different skill sets that a person can fill - including management because as a full-build person - you know the whole process and can thus manage.

July 19, 2022


  • Clarity on what success looks like
  • Tell what the requirements are from them, not what we have
  • Unleash the Power of Storytelling, Rob Biezenbarch
  • What Got You Here Won't Get You There - Marshall

July 5, 2022

  • He will continue to suck of his own choosing - get exact quote from the video tape.
  • Purpose. Profit. Enjoyment. Producation
    • Producation model also shows ANYONE can do, not just professionals! Big value proposition that exceeds any product we know of. Open Source Vehicle tried to make this claim.
    • Not just financial - pro builders
  • John Deere - won't go out of biz.
  • Razors at breakeven or loss
  • More accurate - we will get higher quality. Selling parts and modules - not up front tractor. Different relation which is more meaningful.
  • Steve's builder - 25% profit on new house in a neighborhood with older homes

Tue Jun 28, 2022

  • From $1.2M operation, how do we go 1000x?
  • Prerequisites - $250k funding (facility, building, 80 a pop, tools (80k including tractor/backhoe/auger) , and truck/trailer. Rest is education of 24 cohorts
  • And Steve's performance marketing

Tue Jun 21, 2022

  • Hard work, stubbornness
  • Curiosity vs judge- Steve used to be not comfortable with stuff he didn't know about; no more, now curious
  • Linear thinker at speed. Nonlinear comes from working with a team.
  • It's hard to keep up with a person who is at speed
  • Clicked into drive. 12. Grandfather was competitive dart player. Professional dart player. Dirt bike. Obsessive - sponsored - raced competitively. Then also football. All was - I will put in the time. There may be others better, nobody would work harder.
  • At 40, became collaborative 2008. Company is more than Steve.
  • Merit based, vs seniority based.
  • Right person, wrong time - doesn't work. Doesn't mean they wouldn't work in the future.
  • Let people define their terms of what success means for them.
  • Message to Steve 'From today's conversation - man, imagine the possibilities of being effective when one has high skill of 'Creating a Space of Being Curious as Opposed to Fearful' That is what we concluded is likely your power of 'unblocking people'. Personally, I felt that direct invitation to do that through our journey. It will be crucial for creating happy collaborators. I always talk about a core value of 'providing hope' or 'providing inspiration' as one of the highest values - which is from my experience the key to complete freedom in the world.

Thus, this skill of  'Creating a Space of Being Curious as Opposed to Fearful' has huge ramifications for personal freedom, and geopolitical stability. Imagine for example if Putin got curious right now instead of judgmental.' - MJ

  • Training Builders - how to integrate this in at least some way at start of program when Apprenticeship starts in March
  • Learning time to train builders and designers.
  • Do we start a program for design at the same time as for buiders?
  • If we have staff (construction instructor, workshop instructor) - then I can spend time working on the business: product, education capacity, design guides for global product evolution, collaborative protocols and their execution, etc).
  • I show up for 3 hours per week - primarily for performance coaching: leadership development and lifelong learning development. On the shop floor for observation and observing how improvements can be made?
  • Maybe my performance coaching is about what is working - as a group - since we're developing a team workflow.
  • Have to think about teaching roles - and how much we are subscribing for work vs learning. Ideally we incentivize: you can increase your capacity and your reward directly. 1. Direct time at work. 2. Study time directed to very specific outcomes. Or making the infrastructure better with self-driven projects based on training. Perhaps the best is: here is the training, here you can do such and such in terms of expanding your experience and capacity. Reward is the learning at that point, but if you take on leadership - you earn more. Clearest right now is clear routes within the SEH build process. But it depends on who shows up at the table. We can select at the recruiting phase for specific learning goals. But a basic level of grit - ie, you want to work physically - must be required.

Mon Jun 13, 2022

  • Distributed Market Substitution - is it $10M market? How many states? Acquisition will be of places which need it most.
  • Top of funnel - a builder who spends his time. 4 houses per year. $200k
  • Next guy in funnel - teach me how to hire 24 people and run it. $1M
  • Next guy is developer - few emms.

  • Critical Path
  • Extreme Development Method.
  • Milestones - is it useful to claim Distributed Market Substitution (single largest producer in the marketplace) after 3 years? 1st year - model proven. 2nd year - scalability proven, 10x. 3rd Year - scaling 100x. 1000x by year 3 (=10x*100x). Thus, we must build 50 in the first year to get there. But this would make economic history.

Tue May 25, 2022

  • Critical Path
  • Half point for not having an agent
  • Materiality of changes - how much change before you have to resubmit/start over.

Tue May 17, 2022

  • Core Enterprise Module Staff
  • Scaling worldwide - money pushes down to employees. Example shown where other countries - financing is based only on fixed income.
  • Not a housing company - but a manufacturing. Or democracy
  • Your dream home is american dream - but not the same in Africa
  • Entrepreneurial financial independence
  • UK- fixed income is a big point.
  • I want to find the right people - not $, but quality.
    • Ex - $18/hr vs $52k/year.
    • But for a cook - you need to be a restaurant. Taxes attributed to restaurant. That gets us to cafeteria realm. Or catering. This tactically will drive it.
  • Reality for growth: COCA. Cost of acquisition. PR effort.

Tue May 10, 2022

Wed May 4, 2022


Good session yesterday - shook me up on some preconceptions. 
Here'e a question: the initial [[Core Enterprise Module]] was: (lines numbered so we can talk specifics about assumptions in each):

  1. 6 months until apprentice gets trained. Program cost - $16k.
  2. Then they start getting paid, earning $50/hr for 20 hours per week average, the rest is continuing studies.
  3. But what you said yesterday - the profile of the 'tech school person' was 'I need to get paid', not an 'engineer/designer/idealist/generalist' like a person who would go to 'college' or engineering school. 
  4. Thus, how is the same profile of the 'tech school person' going to fit in the R&D role?
  5. Note the R&D role is the 'efficient integrated design' according to 'OSE Specifications' - a list of about 70 design principles (you learn about 7 of these in 'college') - which degenerate to the type of design that we do. Ie, take the Seed Eco-Home, it will follow all these principles - and explains why I can't get anyone to design it because maybe 1% of the design crowd would understand 14 of these, and we're lucky if one in a million followed all 70. 
  6. This 'one in a million dilemma' is what I think we are trying to solve for.
  7. I don't think we are really asking 'how do we solve housing' at this time. More specifically, I think we are really asking 'how do we train the people who solve housing' - by providing the extreme skill set necessary to solve any problem including housing.
  8. This role of R&D is what really matters - and results in transformative enterprise, such as 'solving housing', 'solving energy', 'solving poverty', solving governance, solving corruption, etc.
  9. R&D gets us the technical knowhow and product ecosystem integration that allows us to solve any issue. From multiple angle: products proper (technologies), related enterprise models, related institutions, etc.
  10. So I'm stuck with how the House Building Redneck will fill this role - you appear to be convinced that this is not the same person as the 'engineer/designer/idealist/generalist' who is interested in the larger 'world saving project'
  11. If a program for the 'engineer/designer/idealist/generalist' is a program that we do after the first year, etc - then what is the first cohort of 24 doing after they are trained in 6 months? 
  12. I could see one solution: they build houses full time (and make more money) - but where is the R&D function coming from?
  13. Possible solution to the R&D function: we simply use the $1-2M net revenue to hire the designers.
  14. However, the last point is incongruent with point 6 - we can't hire anyone who is qualified.
  15. If we do hire, we have to re-educate the person from the bullshite education they already received. They know too much and are not open to new ideas.
  16. Thus we choose the 'create your own talent' inherent to the overall concept - so that people can follow OSE Spec and be mission-aligned (actually Mission Command from the military is quite close to how we operate)
  17. So to address point 13 - if we can't hire - we can hire only in a limited way (such as highly qualified subject matter expert (SME) curriculum developers)
  18. So who does the long and gory due diligence of R&D?
  19. One solution is _some_ of our apprentices do choose the 'continuing education' route and continue to learn the deeper design skills - and how to think and how to be enterprising.
  20. So - we build an army of builders, and from the resulting cash flow - we build more of a  'engineer/designer/idealist/generalist' University curriculum at later phases, not expecting most of the initial cohort to be on a 'continuing education' track?
  21. That could work, but it doesn't prevent the generic case of resentment and fascism that starts to build up when people stop learning. 
  22. So I think we should consider the fascist tendencies resulting from stopping one's learning. The intent of our program was to keep people learning - on all fronts - a direct antidote to fascism, bluntly speaking.
  23. I just want to be careful about 'structural creation of autocratic thinking' that can result from jobs which are less than fully empowering to people.
  24. For this reason - I thought we could 'enforce continuing learning' by the structure of our program. Of course we would have to make our program completely inspiring - it would not be a pain. We would subvert peoples' resistance to learning by making sure that the art of possibility always inspires
  25. To sum up - I would like to gain clarity on how we can assure continuous learning due to its implications on liberty and prosperity.


Steve's Response. Also see Core Enterprise Module.

Tue May 3, 2022


  • Reframe questions - Frame opportunities by asking: What is the problem I'm solving? Who am I competing with? What are current ways of meeting? What value am I providing?
  • $55B/year on continuing education market. Improving life or career. Not going to college.
    • How does this market find clients? How do they serve them?
    • Understand competition, promise, value proposition.
  • Not University initially. It would be competing with trade schools.
  • University - physical location.
  • Fascinating - the trade school will start the revolution. The common folk. But that's how it always happened in history.

Mon May 2, 2022

  • 3100 workers - machinery. Sewing machines.
  • 25-30 people sewing - per product
  • Sewing - warehouse racks
  • Racks for fabric
  • Laser cutters, auto spreading machines
  • 1 forklift
  • Expanding to more sewing capacity
  • Due diligence with IFC - for a fabric mill. Actual knitting, circular knit, dry scouring, stenter. Germany or Italy.
  • New building - by who? Locals. Developer has land.
  • Conveyor belts - for transporting
  • January 24 - ready to occupy - for the building.
  • Euro development. ESG - Environment, Social, Governance. Improve jobs, reduce terrorism.
  • 18000 sq meters, 2 story.
  • IFC - private bank of the world bank
  • For skip - Solve Housing
  • Energy
  • $6M cost for building without land. 4.4 acres.
  • Every $3 of debt gets you $1 of free money.
  • 2-3 years working at DTRT in day to day. Wants to make DTRT brand.
  • 2-3 years from now it's exist.
  • Met Steve in 1993, his CPA is Skip's oldest friend.

Tue May 3, 2022

  • Is the model of students doing cutting edge R&D realistic? Starting 18 yo.
  • Are specific pre-requisite skills required?
  • What time is required to train people? Depends on Rapid Learning Infrastructure success.

Tue Apr 26, 2022

  • Nathan Fletcher - 4th district SD [4]
  • Strategic approach: 6 week delay to plan check. 2 week delay to plans; will be available with full submission. 2 Month Delay to ground break.
  • From finished build - 2 months. 1-1-2 houses? Prove ergonimics, prove replicability of sales.
    • What key elements are we proving? Build, sale, desirability? Logistics/process. Process for delivering seems to be the key.
  • First build: Aug 1. Verifies first wild case of build in zoned jurisdictions and predictable inspection schedule. Challenge: crew
  • Second build: Sep 15. Verifies replicability - automation of management process of a distributed model. Challenge: crew
  • Third build - Oct 1 - 2 houses, 10 days - verifies single crew doing both. - Verifies logistics of multiple builds.
  • Million Dollar funding, and Applications Open for spring 2023.

Tue Apr 19, 2022

  • I don't want to disappoint anyone involved.

Tue Apr 5, 2022 - Finding Land

  • SEH_Core_Enterprise_Module#Working_Doc - Core Revenue Model working doc
  • 20% is a minimum
  • Average price of comparable houses sold, and time on market.
  • $200-300k, 45 days or less on market.
  • [5]
  • House - [6]
  • House - [7]
  • We looked at Days on Market - and Number of Houses Sold at [8] - and for $200-300k range (though there may be some in $400k neighborhoods) - we took ones quick to sell (45 and less on market). Then we looked at Houses Sold on Zillow. It is Houses Sold that matters - new or old does not matter. But, you can select for New Construction under More (at the bottom) in the search boxes.
  • St. Robert [9]
  • More - [10]
  • Agent commission - $10k - [11]
  • 1000 SF - [12]
  • 1200 sf - [13]

Mar 29, 2022

4 elements of owning a country, like Russia to Ukraine

  • Land barrier
  • Ports
  • Resources - lumber, etc
  • Bargaining resource


  • Entitlements are high - ex free healthcare. If you make it efficient - people will afford it.
  • Definitely something for movign the clothing business forward. Bidding on Ethiopian garment industry. Open Source equipment and facilities should be open.
  • Rebar truss, ozone system
  • 3000 employees in Africa, second largest employer in Ghana after gummit
  • Ukraine - it's about tax income, but also ports: big revenue from people paying to use ports, and resources: revenue.
  • I can loan you money etc...what if we don't kick ass - but give you a loan, give you bunch of planes etc. Arm every
  • $7T to go solar.
    • But supply chain is an issue. Case in point of McDonalds
    • But - must talk about structural challenge - of keeping people employed.
    • Rather than 2M entrepreneurs - vs 20,000 entrepreneurs in megafactories
  • Ports should be open source. $100s of B of revenue from ports.
  • $ lost per day when Suez was lost - $9B per day. Operational costs are just dredging the canal?

Mar 22, 2022

  • SEH Core Enterprise Module
  • Reactive vs a business that plans - strategic planning productivity
  • For financial independence - not all time must be spent at work - must have time to learn and have bigger picture. How tech and market is evolving
  • Financial indep is a byproduct of planning , learning, acting - not only working. We create a structure for that. We create a stucture where you don't spend time walking your dog - but instead spend that time learning. Planning and learning must be a part of it - that is a freedom. But what about spending time with family and walking your dog?
    • Steve perceives a thoughtful way for continuing learning to provide sustainability - the system grows with time. MJ adds - this is unique because we collaborate at the same time.
    • We target entrepreneurs - people who scale into the future. If we create a structure for creativity which is not only fostered, but expected.
    • So what about defectors? We create an ecosystem on which their thriving depends. If they defect - it will be lifestyle based. They defect not because they don't get value.
    • Be connected to thousands of collaborators. Take it to the next level: people say we already collaborate: ex, Ukraine - but - the deepest level is collaborative product development.
    • You want:
      • lifelong learning promis, tech advances, realtime access to information, design enhancements, cost improvements
  • Learning is not fostered - it's expected.
  • Creating an ecosystem that their success depends on
  • Don't presuppose that defection is not good
  • Yes, to meaning? Last 8 years - people are good at pointing out problems. People are not pointing to solutions. The point is - we can address this. We cannot be just pointing problems - we have a solution: think, cooperate, collaborate, design - solve problems.
    • No one person knows how to solve a problem, but with 10s of thousands of others, we get serious.

For financing:

  • Not zero interest loan, but other. Such as investment, or business line of credit.
  • Solution for financing - example of a San Diego company - that makes a bridge to pay people, minor league baseball. 20% return. Only a few people need to 'make it.'
    • Scholarship for percentage of future earning.
  • Need to find a way to scholarship people. For profit opportunity.
  • 4-6% construction loans. LOC - pay interest on only what you take out.
  • Line of Credit. Business line of credit. You pay only for what is out of the bank.
  • Must expect 6 month to pass exam.
  • Upon scaling - will need line of credit.


  • How do you consistently deliver 24 houses per year
  • 24 people showing up - 24 students
  • 6 months they pay - we pay them at 6 months
  • I am so good at training that we expect to pass
  • $50/hr, 48k per year.

Mar 15, 2022

  • Austria - radiation pill taken to school
  • France - fear-based
  • Germany- national self-interest
  • UK - marginally bigger than covid in terms of news.
  • Europe shows graphic pictures of people getting ripped up.

Mar 1, 2022

  • The 4 Agreements - Book. Optimistic view. + Fertile Ground.
  • Scarcity, collaboration, transparency - steve learned not to judge outcomes
    • Yes, but steve taught me not to judge outcomes
  • Negotiation + statesmanship -
  • Fertile ground + power of words
  • EPA is getting castrated
  • Opportunity for OSE - renewable energy can be solved in one week just like ukraine
  • Happening in Europe is a big part of the story
  • But how is Ukraine different than Iraq et al?
  • Different people have different opinions of what ethical is. Economy of abundance cannot be disputed, though.
  • "Fundamentally creative approach" - "first principles approach"
  • Addressing urban deserts - Steven mentions the urban gardening in LA for food deserts
  • Dope Dye - dying without water
  • Do the Right Thing - in Ghana - [14]. Check it out -
    • Raising the status of living in Ghana, customers didn't care!
    • 28-50M revenue in 2 years. $100M
  • Point - is timing. They had their old way of doing things.
  • AGOA - tax free
  • Feeding people, educating people as well.
  • Dry Dye - Dope dye - coloring polyester

Feb 22, 2022

  • How does the work of OSE address war, like is happening now?
  • Older than us by a lot?
  • Sanctions will be terrible for the Russian people.
  • Ex Libya - going there without any transparency?
  • Then invasion of Kuwait. Afghanistan. 911. World is shifted.
  • 25 consecutive years of wars now.
  • Russia is grabbing turf for purely financial, economic- labor, infrastructure, economics.
  • Luke - entrepreneurial approach - towards freedom.
  • Luke - huge vision to make approachable.
  • 30-50% of corporate revenue goes to pay including C-suite.
  • Audience - 2 books - the illustrated guide to OSE Doctrine + the fat comprehensive open source bible.
  • OSE paradigm changes what is monetized. Currency is time for money. In the new paradigm - the output is valued. If you are more efficient, you're better. In current system, efficiency is not valued. Current model - 2/3 of employees are paid for inefficiency.
  • Set up a call each week - 2 half hour slots.

Feb 8, 2022

  • No fear of quitting since Great Resignation
  • Question and answer for Book Chapters of OSE doctrine?
  • What makes people stay? Steve had a tremendous record of retention.
    • Answer: all are about how much better it is to be working with others. This is a subtle way of saying 'collaboration'.
  • Collaborative design - institutionalized - take industry to a new level of performance

Feb 1, 2022

  • We start with Why - how much do we do the how and what?
    • How is a little bit in there. There is a change in the belief system. A little bit is how - the collaboration.
  • Freedom and independence.
  • Send a PDF - like book from Ben Zander. He also has a dvd and series.
  • Collaborative Design - and transparency - and open source. How it can be applied to solving pressing world issues. How fascinating!
  • Art of Possibility - throws away a limitation.
  • Hierarchy for effective decision making?
  • How do we orchestrate taking on different world problems? Structure for solving natural resources is same structure as solving housing
  • Build doctrine with careful word choice - so action and behavior mimics word choice - and appeals to people who currently are questioning about where they have given their independence away, where not giving away independence is low hanging fruit.
  • so we pitch it as a tribe of mentors
  • We all share a doctrine

  • Kids aren't getting mentored or nutured or coached. So we want to add the nurture and mentorship.
  • Promise - can't shit over what they do today. Don't say what we aren't
  • Crawl walk run -
  • Focus on saying what you can do with us
  • Focus on the independence.
  • Can't create a structure that creates dependence.
  • We advocate financial independence. We set up structures for this freedom.
  • This is for college students.

  • Freedom - is granted. Independence is in my control.
  • Independence is in my control
  • Breathing life into OSE will be real once I bring in the doctrine of WHY
  • Body of belief under why.
  • Why - last stab at it with the fall apprenticeship
  • What the Mein Kampf
  • People come here for MJ brilliance, not for the Why. Focus on the why.
  • People are not gravitating because of doctrine, but because of OSE
  • Before the book - give me the abstract. Simon Sinek - the Why
  • I need to show what collaborative design means to me
  • It's a superpower to apply - and then I can say what the applications are
  • Can apply to any problem of choice
  • We're solving for housing.
  • But is anyone is coming in to 'solve housing' ? Not really. We lean into
  • Security that comes with dependence?
  • Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - independence to find water
  • We want to find people who are concerned about their dependence. Insecurity, Crap Jobs, job loss to foreign. Just wanna know I can take care of my family.
  • Irony - we can get there through collaborative design. It's not upon you only. You all benefit.
  • Nobody wants to be the one to take the first bite of the apple from the garden fo eden.
  • Compared to a guy working at Ford. Nice, but never retires. There's still a dependence on Ford. Reframe that OSE is not a replacement for Ford - but an augmentation.
  • So we really focus on the AND - you can do both.
  • OUr strategic approach is to say do a little OSE. We believe in independence - so they choose what makes them comfortable.

Tue Jan 11, 2022

  • Kits and pitch deck to Habitat - we sell X kits in 2022
  • Kit + training - good for Habitat. Bad idea to ship kits to Africa.
    • May modify designs based on partnership - after feedback from one.
  • Expectations - set them for a team, not individuals
  • Key to not building dependence - provide transferable skills
  • Understand how much another person values something - key challenge for leadership
  • We provide value even if people leave.
  • Team-based objectives - powerful motivator
  • Challenge of leadership - valuing things equally on each side. Because expectations of repayment occur. Yes - when people for example feel like they are serving me.
  • Transparency of Why we do something must be constant - my blog, etc. Constant commentary. Guest posts from others are invite as an organizational study.
  • Steve has process for 'compensation conversation' - up or down - and others. Even with dumb free lunch... Process for change is inclusive. Otherwise fear and distrust.
  • Change of mission from original with input from people is ok.
  • Concurrent - pitch - and building homes.
  • Leader - sets expectations. Is that a unique part of leadership? People do not set their own expectations - that's a rule of an organization if the goal is greater and team-based. People can set their own expectations, within expectations set by org in the first place.
  • Structure - They have to collaborate to a goal, can't do it themselves. They police themselves for goals. So Leader's Expectation can be broader, more impersonal. Then they have to collaborate and police each other to meet goals.

Tue Jan 4, 2022

  • Average salary for a house contractor, electrician, welder, carpenter, foreman, construction manager, etc. Who is the target I want to go after and how much do they need to be paid to stick around? Or, natural builders? Design-build firms? Hire companies that specialize in construction management?
  • Did you run into evil people (sabotage, envy, etc) and what did you do with them? What safeguards do you have in place? Give them an A, or create structure that allows you to behave?
  • Piece work vs hourly - piece work is per product
  • Acquisition as a potential route for OSE. There is a wide range of options from OSE - partntership - acquisition of an existing company that could be viable. For example - Washington state people - we partner with them to build.

Older Entries

Entries - Steve 2019-2021. I have March 15 as our first pre-meeting in 2019, and Feb 5, 2019 is when Renee first introduced the possibility.