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The Wayback Machine's __ONLY__ capture of that top article is This one from ~2016 and it is aa 404 page not found too? Any ideas on how to recover the page otherwise, maybe google searching around based on that news site and keywords like wikispeed etc? I can maybe get around to this later, and i'll mark the page for dead links too to remind me / help someone else find this task/issue

"For clarity, and because I wasn't clear on this point until I researched it, it is important to point out that Team Wikispeed was eliminated in the first round of on-location testing at the X-Prize competition. "Without even bothering to look at the finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics Justice had brought as proof of his design’s validity, the inspector rejected the car outright. Justice felt like he’d been slapped in the face. “It was like fireworks going off in my cheeks,” he says. “This is something I’ve had a whole lot of design input into, and this one person is saying, ‘This isn’t good enough.’...Rather than spending hours pulling apart the SGT01 to get to the suspension, the team simply unbolted the body, removed the suspension module, and began fabricating a new one. They got it done, too, just in time. The only problem was that as they finished, minutes before the deadline, Justice and another team member cut a wire in the electrical system. The car wouldn’t start, and Wikispeed’s run for the X Prize was done. They finished in a tie for 10th in their division." article"

So was the issue the structure of the vehicle, or just the suspension, or just it not starting during a test, all of the above?

--Eric (talk) 01:34, 17 October 20201 (UTC)