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Future Design Changes

  • Frame Flanges
    • Change frame flage bolts from phillips head to hex heads
      • screwdriver isnt ideal
    • Frame bolts probably need washers
    • Design currently has #8 size bolts, a little loose inside of the holes. 7/32? use metric?
  • Frame Axis Mount
    • Carriage and smooth Rods may bump into the frame's flange mounting bolts
    • could mount motor and idler side flush to frame if carriage was slightly skinnier and no obstructions from the frame brackets
      • mighht be able to reduce part count, could move nut and washer outside of frame to tighten motor and idler pieces
  • Attaching Motor and Idler Side to Carriage of another axis
  • Attaching Motor and Idler Side to Frame
    • Have to use a washer and nut external to the Printed Piece
    • Could replace hex head bolt with a Socket Head Bolt
      • would be able to tighten with a nut on other side, then mount to frame wall with more nuts
      • Problem: hard to find fully threaded bolts over 30mm in length
        • first nut is within the first 18mm of the bolt
    • If using a washer, make sure its OD is larger than standard size, will fall into hex hole