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I don't know too much about this project yet due to lack of hands on experience + in-depth reading (i may get to this tomorrow if i have time, it's getting late local time), but i think these videos might be touching on similar notes / coming to the same conclusion, so reaching out and maybe discussing this extruder with them may be worth it? I'd love to hear your takes on all this i guess:

A Video by the YouTube Channel "Vector 3D" Titled "The Extrusion Myth We All Believed" (Goes over duel gear extruders, and extrusion force, and how they have been overhyped to an extent, also does some testing with a Load Cell jig etc)

A Video by the YouTube Channel "Proper Printing" Titled "This experimental 3D printable extruder works with timing belts!" (They use belts rather than gears? I have *barely* looked into this, but it may have similar goals?)

--Eric (talk) 05:45, 20 March 2022 (UTC)