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We can discuss here if you want...


Are there currently any available flags to mark an article with aside from delete for speedy deletion? I'm encountering some articles that are inconsistent redundancies (for instance, two different lists of tools to build one machine). I don't want to re-invent the wheel and throw the wiki into disarray by suddenly re-organizing things, but think there should be a flag when I spot something like that so the 'official' re-organizers (if there are any) could take a look at those articles. Thanks! --Howard V. Agnew 06:11, 21 September 2011 (CEST)

--- For the record, I think Howard's idea from 2011 is good. I wonder if this was implemented.

I'd like to see the quality criterion fleshed out. In the USA, we're seeing a huge polarization of politics with some very noxious elements. And we also are starting to see a huge reactionary anti-intellectualism culture that is very evangelistic. I very well predict there will occasionally be people trying to bring it into the wiki, either attempting to spread it, or thinking they need to refute it here rather than on other channels (which just causes noise). A project like this, with its goal of improving the world, can attract these sort of elements.

Probably not all of us are going to exactly agree what those are, but there needs to be some way we can permit the discussion of relevant politics and ideas, even controversial theories, but discourage some of the sorts which could be harmful or noisy.

"Clear statement of purpose" helps to a certain degree, but I'm not sure if it is sufficient as you can clearly state a purpose which is not really in alignment with the community goals. I'm not trying to police User Spaces, but for the project at large, I think we need to consider how we can carefully define this. I'm thinking on it and welcome any thoughts. --Melanie Allen August 8,2020