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"Jokes?" he asked. 

"Let's hear one." 

"Why is a laser beam like a goldfish?" 

Mike knew about lasers but where would he have seen goldfish? Oh, 
he had undoubtedly seen flicks of them and, were I foolish enough to ask, 
could spew forth thousands of words. "I give up." 

His lights rippled. "Because neither one can whistle." 

31/F/USA Amateur open source enthusiast. I'm very much a generalist studying a wide range of disciplines. I believe this is important work. The existence of this project in my college years is one that definitely had an influence on how I see the possibilities. I am happy to now be assisting with it. I hope that via helping with documentation, I learn this project in depth.

On Hiatus

I am taking a small break from volunteering with OSE as you can see from my not-updated log. I hope to return soon, but I am currently using my dev time on Buskill. As soon as I complete the open source 3D printed case, I hope to return. I know that the materials I developed for pen plot tutorials could be vastly improved if I come back and try again.

Past Projects for OSE

Pen Plotter documentation

OSE developer for several months; enthusiastic user of OSE Linux 2

Log [1]


  • My education is in Technical Communication and Information Design. 8 years experience. I have some Instructional Design background as well. Currently work in marketing.
  • Philosophically inclined towards continuous education and improving oneself holistically as a person; believing in the importance of using some of our time to be creative and productive, in collaborative settings when possible
  • Built a Prusa under mentorship during and after college. I need to reprint the parts for it's z axis and a few other parts that were damaged during repeated moves while it wasn't in operation. Am thinking of repairing the Prusa and using it as a dedicated pen plotter. Then again, why not buy an extruder once I fix it...(I'm just not really interested in trying to build my own extruder again). Interested in the D3D as a 3mm filament printer and perhaps second pen plotter. Have and use a Flashforge Creator Pro that I got at a steal.
  • Have played with Adafruit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Understand the basic principles of making things with circuits and such, but still very n00bish in aspects. I really admire Adafruit's documentation, and hope to bring a similar energy.
  • Tried out 3Dponics a few years ago, but didn't really like it. The parts ended up growing mold and there was no way to properly clean it. Perhaps innovations in filaments and printing techniques could change my impression of it.
  • Currently growing what I can in dirt in an urban patio environment, but am very interested in learning more about the aquaponics projects here and trying that out when I have land. Believe the world needs a permaculture mindset.
  • Interested in developing with: python, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, 3D printing, the GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice, Scribus, OBS, Vokoscreen, Kdenlive etc.


  • Short term: Contributing to the documentation.
  • Medium term: Hoping to assist in hosting an Extreme Build in my area.
  • Long term: Build own enterprise

Other projects

Open Source Magnetic Release Case for Repo @


  • Portfolio: (badly needs work and updating, and my certificate is expired -TODO)
  • Github/Diaspora/Wire/Mastadon/Slack/YouTube/etc: goldfishlaser
  • Secure Email: contact at
  • Fingerprint: 7382 967D 3DDC 2D68 DEB7 36FC 5363 0D0C 2307 A6F7