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You need welding curtain or soundproofing? What size? -LoadTest

Welding curtain. 4' x 6', because we have a frame to match that size right now. Documentation at Light Screen. -Yoonseo

I have a brand new one with the frame that i will send with Tristan. Its at least that big, I think maybe twice that size. -LoadTest

Thank you -Yoonseo

"Searching for a leadscrew and leadscrew nut supplier that provides end machining services " Why do you have to machine the ends? Can you just grip the threads with the right sized coupler? -Especially if your going to use a flex coupler.

Machining the ends is critical for reducing operation failure (easier to wear down threads than solid rod), reducing clamp wear (easier to clamp and deform threads than solid rod), maintaining the rated torque (higher slipping torque with clamp-down on solid rod than threads), absolutely necessary for pre-loading and mounting inside thrust bearings (the leadscrew needs to have a lower diameter on the ends so that it can mount onto thrust bearings and have tension applied to the ends such that when high axial loads are transmitted, the leadscrew does not "give". The shaft coupling should not be taking the axial force of the rotary-to-linear motion conversion, for both torque (a rigid fastened block does much better than a clamp-on fit that is handling rotary forces also) and precision (the shaft of the driving motor bears the axial load, which adds the motor shaft's play to the imprecision; increases vulnerability of system to axial loads where imperfect shaft alignment exists- that increases wear) reasons.- Yoonseo

What do you need the Casters for? Capactiy, quantity(rigid/swivel), concrete(solid/reliable/easy to push underload) or offroad(pneumatic)? I'll see what i've got laying around and send them with Tristan if they're not to heavy for his Golfcart.

Or if you're building the GVCS Official Caster, then lets talk about how we can incorporate the new Universal Rotor, then you can plug a hydraulic motor into it and drive what ever it is that you are castering into town with a micro-power cube! ...or not -LoadTest

Casters for welding screen frames, tables and mini-tables, equipment support frames, stools, adjustable height platforms, various machines ... -Yoonseo

Its 10-23 Tristan is stopping by. Do you need any power supplies for the torch table, i have various CNC grade models.